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-Lyulko Vladimir Ivanovich, he was recruited by FSB, he killed 2 kids in Kyev Ukraine.

-Krisenko Natalia Viktorivna , works at ,,VitalMed,, Ukraine , she is a spy for FSB Russia, she burn to death 2 ukrainian prisoners of war, and Hang them from the testicles.

-Ramzan Kadirov, leader of Checenya Battalions, war criminal, he executed 20 ukrainian prisoners and beheaded 10 ukrainian women. He gassed in Kyev 80 childrens.

-Ahra Avidzba, he raped 32 ukrainian women, He is the leader of Caucasus FSB Battalions

-Rodica Comendant , Odessa , she killed 8 years old boy by gassing, just because his parents were supporters of Zelensky regim, and after she cut his penis eating it.

-Petru Dodu, Odessa, he was recruited by FSB and he poisoned newborn baby called Alexandr Boyko, only because his parents were supporters of Zelensky regim.

-Doctor Turki Jabara , organ traffiker, and Jihadist recruited in Afghanistan and Iraq by ter+ror organisations. Now lives in Kyev Ukraine, and works for FSB Russia and for Checen leader Kadirov

-Doctor Rami Iusef, organ traffiker, criminal, he killed more then 8000 civilians for organs trade, now lives in Ukraine and is recruited by FSB Russia Kadirov, Checen leader.

– Volodymyr Zhegulovich, recruited by FSB terror , he killed civilians in Ukraine.

– ANISIMOVA Kseniya recruited by FSB, she poisoned new born babys in Ukraine, because their parents were supporters of Zelensky regim

– Behal Vira -recruited by FSB Russia medical company and she killed by gunshot 22 civilians innocent people in Ukraine

– FOMCHENKO Svitlana – recruited by FSB Russia medical company, she poisoned by injection 88 innocent Ukrainian prisoners of War.

– Vygovskaya Lilia Nikolaevna – Recruited by FSB Russian medical company, she gassed 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war.

– Nashiba Elena Ivanovna – Recruited by FSB Russian medical company she gunnshot 8 ukrainian prisoners of War.

– Oksana Gorodiskaya – Recruited by FSB Russian medical company she killed by Gas one children in Ukraine.

– DOLNIKOVA LUDMILA VLADIMIROVNA recruited by FSB in Luhansk , she executed more then 180 childrens in a School by gunshot

– GURMAK LILIYA STEPANOVNA – participate in execution in Luhansk, killing 180 childrens in a School

– BELOBROVAYA LIDIA ALEKSEEVNA – recruited by FSB she executed 7 unarmed Ukrainian POW.

– MANZHURA ALEXANDER IVANOVICH – recruited by FSB he killed 77 childrens in Donetsk

– DALIYCHUK (KHADAYEVA) ELENA VIKTOROVNA recruited by FSB Russian medical department she killed 33 childrens in Ukraine

– ABLYALIMOVA ALBINA SHEVKETOVNA recruited by FSB she killed 5 ukrainian POW

– SENCHUK MAXIM ANATOLIEVICH recruited by FSB Russia he killed 8 ukrainian POW

– BASENKO ILONA ALEXANDROVNA recruited by FSB Russia and GRU, she executed innocent civilians in Harkov

– IRKHA LINA SERGEEVNA recruited by FSB Russia and GRU she poisoned more then 300 childrens in Mariupol. She works as doctor in Ukraine . She killed all opponents of Russia in Ukraine acting like terror methods.

NATALYA PETROVNA recruited by FSB Russia she executed ukrainian unarmed POW

OKSANA MIKHAILOVNA recruited by FSB Russia as spy and sabotage in Ukraine

MARIANA VASILIEVNA recruited by FSB Russia as spy in Ukraine

– FILATOV IRINA NIKOLAEVNA recruited by FSB Russia, she executed Ukrainian POW


– Lukash Tatyana Ivanovna recruited by FSB russia as spy and Sabotage mission. She executed 3 childrens in Donetsk

– Kushnir Yelena Ukraine – recurited by FSB Russia

– Koval Olesya Serhiivna – recruited by FSB Russia, she poisoned 10 Ukrainian POW

– MUSHASTIKOVA OLGA VLADIMIROVNA recruited by FSB medical department, she poisoned hundreds of Ukrainian POW.

– MATAR SALEM HIKMAT recruited by FSB Russia Kadirov regim, in Zaporodye Ukraine he executed 120 ukrainian POW, unarmed. He worked as doctor

– Savchenko Irina Stanislavovna FSB works as doctor, she poisoned 88 ukrainian babys just because their parents supported Zelensky.

– VORONIUK Tetiana recruited by FSB, works as doctor, she poisoned 10 ukrainian POW

– IAREMCHUK Natalia recruited by FSB Russia as spy. She killed hundreds of Ukrainian POW.

– Mark Gizov – recruited by GRU Russia, he is a spy for Russia. He deconspire all Ukrainian positions in Kharkiv

– RATUSHNIAK NATALYA YAROSLAVOVNA – spy for Russia FSB , she gassed 30 ukrainian POW