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Monday, February 02, 2009

The Emotional Violence of Jewish Advocacy

Gideon Levy a Ha’aretz newspaper reporter
recently asked: “If Israelis were so sure of the rightness of their cause, why
the violent intolerance they display toward everyone who tries to make a
different case?”

In „Survival Instinct or Jewish Paranoia?” my favorite
shrink, ex-Israeli Avigail Barbanel writes that, “The implications of seeing the
conflict from within the lens of Jewish trauma are very serious. Can we really
negotiate with this? Can we explain to Israelis that their perspective on life
and on the conflict is seriously flawed? If we tried will they listen, and do
the Palestinians have time to wait until they do?”

It seems that
Americans are kind of in an abusive marriage situation with Israel, where
because love and friendship are assumed to be there, the abused partner keeps
feeling guilty and acting hyper-responsible, and tries even harder to please the
abuser. Many Americans maintain friendships with pro-Israel Jews and simply
decide not to discuss politics; however there is an emotional blackmail going on
because if you did mention Israel or Jewish-American genocidalism, the
relationship would be over.

I was just thinking today about the aspect of
emotional violence within Israel advocacy techniques that are used to shut down
discussion about Jewish destructive behavior patterns or the State of Israel.
This method is used against Gentiles primarily. Sometimes there is even a good
cop-bad cop routine, with groups ganging up on someone to try and make the
person feel ashamed for their alleged anti-semitism.

A Gentile in
America, even a child, is raised to accept a very heavy sense of personal
responsibility that far exceeds anyone else’s normal sense of personal
responsibility. It creates a neurotic personality who is always feeling guilty
and thus is too weak to stand up to Zionist criminal behavior and the comical,
obviously non-factual Zionist ideology.

Jews in America are socially
empowered to go way beyond the learned trauma of the Jewish experience that
results in typical reactionary behavior. They actually participate in group
behavior that is deliberately manipulative and abusive – aimed at punishing
activists who stand up for human equality and justice. Over the years, US Jews
have become increasingly nutty not only due to current events but due to the
internet „alerts” coming to them from Jewish lobbyists, who solidify their
brains in this self-righteous fantasy world where Hamas is a terrorist
organization, where Israel has some kind of right to kill and rob

So we are dealing with not only dangerous reactions based on
past trauma – actually learned trauma based on a glorified and fictionalized
past – but American Jews are actually being trained since childhood to interact
with non-Jews in a deceitful and arrogant manner, in coordination with each
other, to emotionally destroy Gentiles and Israel critics, in addition to
wrecking their careers and interfering with their social relationships. This is
actually deliberate, wicked, planned behavior motivated by a narcissistic
self-righteous fury.

I think it’s impossible to help heal Jews from
Zionism without first somehow snapping off that connection with the Lobbyists.
Mainstream gullible Jews and their dishrag friends tend to naively believe
anything racist against Muslims – even from someone as disloyal to the United
States Constitution like Charles Jacobs of CAMERA or the psychotic racist freaks
at HonestReporting – who send them some unsubstantiated talking points memo –
and people never even do any fact-checking.

American Jews tend to enforce
blind conformity, bullying and shaming people into agreeing with a bogus sham
written by a Polish immigrant funded indirectly by US taxpayers whose money was
illegally laundered through the JCRC. Whatever happened to “Question

So many Gentiles fall into this trap and start doing the work
of the Zionists, attacking people if they deviate from political correctness. If
we could focus on the emotional violence of Israel advocacy techniques we might
be able to empower Gentiles to stand up to the psycho Zionists without enduring
quite as much emotional pain.

The problem is that Gentiles are taught
through emotional pressure and violence via the media and the school system to
be very sensitive to Jewish suffering so when a Zionist becomes outraged at them
for challenging their world view, the Gentile really has to fight against his
own inner self in a huge battle against his „inner Jew” making him feel
inadequate and intimidated. But the Jew doesn’t care how much he or she hurts
others. Jews only care about what’s good for the Jews.

The world needs to
intervene to save Jews from their murderous selves, and to save the
Palestinians. However, sending in the UN as an occupation force would be an
insult to the Palestinians especially given the UN’s past record of backing up
Israel and neocon wars in general and the previous example of Bosnia. Instead of
helping Bosnians, NATO dismantled their country and now uses it as a CIA base
for kidnapping white prostitutes to sell to Israel.

Intervention involves
convincing world leaders to do the right thing, which seldom happens and does
not empower us to action other than begging them.

What is possible and in
fact quite easy is to find a way to deal with Zionist Jews in our local area,
especially those who are involved in the organizational structures of Zionist
organized racism.

Obviously, prosecuting Zionist organizations also
requires convincing the establishment to define Zionism as a criminal ideology,
like we do Nazism, and going after the leadership.

However, meanwhile,
there should be a way for ordinary people to wear down ordinary Jews and their
leadership by engaging them in arguments, and so on. The nicey nice „interfaith
dialogue” routine is not working to help the situation as it just teaches
Gentiles to be friends with Jews by never mentioning Israel’s crimes against

One occasionally effective path for helping Jewish friends snap
out of their ideological programming is to simply state the facts over and over

Obviously, coming up against a Jewish narcissist is always a
painful experience and yet – as with a child molester – you have to intervene.
If a person is walking around believing lies that enable violent crime, you
would be a BAD person not to mention it to them.

If the Zionists on the
local level could be made to feel a bit less comfortable with their ideology,
and they were robbed of the freedom that comes with privacy and non-discussion,
things could change very fast.

Most people in Israel who want peace say
it’s the American Jews and other Diaspora lobbies raising the money for the hate
propaganda and the campaigns to elect war criminals in Israel and so on. Getting
rid of Israel would not solve the problem of this Jewish international crime
network. If they lost Israel they would just find something else to mess up. The
American Jews are arming the rebels in Darfur now.

Something has to be
done to break the spell of hypnosis that these Israel advocacy organizations
have put on the local Jews and their intellectually deficient so-called friends.
Discrediting the people who are spreading Israeli propaganda to the American
public is absolutely paramount.

Part 2

I can’t express how much
more at peace I feel since I decided not to engage Zionists as friends anymore,
but to treat them like people treat any other member of a racist criminal
organization like the KKK. I consider a Zionist anyone who believes that Israel
must exist as a Jewish State, especially if they are emotional about the issue,
because that means they believe Jews have a right to steal from non-Jews, and
they believe Jews have more rights than others, which is an indefensible
position to maintain.

In the past it was always the other way around. I
mention Palestinians, and they would act like I did something bad and not talk
to me for some months or years. I used to feel very hurt because I was not
trying to offend them. I had actually spoken politely to them. From now on I’m
just ignoring them.

Many people deal with Zionists by making light talk
and never discuss politics, but I think we should stop doing that since it
normalizes their support for racist genocide.

Many Zionists don’t call
themselves Zionists but to me, a Zionist is someone who would deny Palestinians
equal rights in order for the Jews to keep what they stole and call it Israel.
They are very brainwashed so it’s usually not useful arguing with them. Jewish
organizations and synagogues teach classes in linguistic martial arts tactics
(how to confuse your opponent etc.) to deflect blame from Jews and Israel. It’s
extremely dishonest and manipulative. According to the David Project, an
organization which teaches these Israel Advocacy techniques and also
disseminates Islamophobic misinformation to the public, states that their goal
is to diminish the impact of Israel’s detractors.

Obviously, those
Zionists who are simply ignorant, if they are willing to hear my point of view
and to ask questions in a polite way, that’s different. But normally they act
manipulative and do everything to prevent a normal discussion on Jews/Israel. I
once reduced a 50 year old man to hysterical sobbing tears because I told him
gently and lovingly that Jews were not that unique. I just told him the Jews,
like everyone else, have had good times and bad times. Times when they were
slaughtered and other times when they slaughtered others. Just like everyone
else. Guess what he did next. He emotionally abused me in an insulting way and
then cut off all further communication. Jewish behavior is so predictable that
it’s truly scary.

Most of the Zionists claim to want a Palestinian State
side by side an Israeli state, but as Israel Shamir points out in his book,
Flowers of Galilee, it’s a political maneuver: a bluff. They are simply
taking advantage of your good faith to keep you engaged, to give Israel more
time to steal more land. What I tell them is, even if the Jews just stole half
of Palestine instead of the whole thing, it’s still stealing and they need to
give it back and let the refugees come home, according to legal and ethical
norms. The UN definition of „genocide” says destroying a people „in whole or in
part” so even if they just took part of the land, it’s still considered

The two-state Zionists show their true colors when the issue is
cutting off US funding to Israel. They are very attached to the idea of a racist
apartheid state for Jews paid for by non-Jews. If you mention cutting off the
money or if you mention the possible compromise of living with Palestinians as
equals in one state they become very angry and start using bullying tactics,
unless they have some reason to fear you, in which case they shun you and
complain about you to the authorities, try to get you arrested or try and
destroy your career or social status through character

Rabbi Michael Lerner is a good example of this type of
racist. He believes that Jews need to take care of the Palestinians and teach
them how to become civilized. He considers stealing Palestinian land as
„affirmative action for Jews.”

Zionists all believe in the myth of „1000
years of Jewish suffering” and feel that the world owes them compensation for
their ancestors’ „unique” suffering. It’s a criminally insane viewpoint. They
cope with the contradictions between their belief that they are the good guys
and what Jews are actually doing to their neighbors, both in the Middle East and
in the US, by developing mental health issues. Most Zionists are functional

A few Zionists are not schizophrenic. If you say, „You
stole their country,” they just say, „Yeah, so? And what are you going to do
about it?” I’m actually more willing to deal with those kind of Zionists because
at least they are honest, and this does leave some room for discussion. But why.
Just as Americans are not required to support Israel, we are not obliged to
interact with racists.

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