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Ce faceti, domnule profesor, puneti paie pe foc?
Eu cred ca nemtii le aveau bine de tot cu hartogararia si-au lasat (oare de ce?) tone de arhive pe care au pus mana cine-a vrut si si n-a vrut la liber. Si, tot nemtii, stiau bine sa numere!
Si ei au numarat in Romania, inclusiv Basarabia, doar 342.000 de evrei, care era la rusi, iar numarul lor era mai mult decat dublu in Ungaria – 742.000 – pentru ca incorpora si Transilvania. Asa au numart ei in 1941, cred, din moment ce aceste cifre apar la discutiile din cadrul conferintei de la Wannsee din 20 Ianuarie 1942, unde, apropo, s-a discutat nu exterminarea ci emigratia evreilor in noile teritorii ocupat de nemti in Rusia si emigratia in Palestina cum stabilisera cu sionistii.


The Wannsee conference then discussed exactly how many Jews would be involved in their planned emigration program. For this purpose,
they divided Europe up into two sections – „A” and „B”.

The „A” territories included Germany and all those countries under direct German occupation: these lands were (with numbers of Jews in parenthesis) :

Germany, (131,800); Austria (43,700); Eastern territories (420,000); General Government (2,284,000); Bialystok (400,000); Protectorate Bohemia and
Moravia (74,200); Estonia (0); Latvia (3,500); Lithuania (34,000); Belgium (43,000); Denmark (5,600); France /occupied territory (165,000)/ unoccupied territory (700,000);
Greece (69,600); Netherlands (160,800); Norway (1,300).

This gives a total of 4,536,500 Jews under German control.

The „B” category countries were those with Jewish populations NOT under German control.

These were: Bulgaria (48,000); England (330,000); Finland (2,300); Ireland (4,000); Italy including Sardinia (58,000);
Albania (200); Croatia (40,000); Portugal (3,000); Rumania including Bessarabia (342,000); Sweden (8,000); Switzerland (18,000); Serbia (10,000); Slovakia (88,000); Spain (6,000);
Turkey (European portion)(55,500); Hungary (742,800); USSR (5,000,000, including as subdivisions the Ukraine (2,994,684) and Byelorussia (446,484).)

This gives a total of 6,755,800 Jews in Europe NOT under direct German control.

These two figures, when added together, give a total of 1 1,292,300 Jews, of which, by the Nazis own estimates, only 4,536,500 were under German control.


And this is where the figures get interesting: this figure of 4,536,500 Jews is important when it is considered that, until the end of 1987, some 4,384,138 individual claims for compensation had
been made by Holocaust survivors against the post war German government. (This figure is provided by the German government itself on its official website,, 10001 .14155/Artikel/dokument.htm .

This means, by the Nazis’ own reckoning, that of the estimated 4.5 million Jews directly under their control in 1942, at least 4.3 million had claimed compensation from the
German government for persecution by 1987.

These figures by themselves speak volumes about the true number of Jewish casualties during the war.”