“An advance into a part of Galicia and Bukovina is essential for the purpose of establishing contact with Soviet Hungary”

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o on March 19th.1919, President Mihaly Karolyi had:
„… informed the cabinet that in the judgement of  the government’s military experts it would be only a matter of weeks before the Russian Red Army would break through the Romanian lines and reach the eastern boundaries of Hungary”.
(R.L. Tokes:  „Bela Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic”; New York; 1967; p. 132).

o Peoples Commissar for Foreign Affairs, Bela Kun:
„The reply of the Hungarian people to the ultimatum of the Entente demanding the immediate and final surrender of Hungarian territory to the Romanian oligarchy is the proclamation of a Dictatorship of the Proletariat”,
(B. Kun:  Radio Message to the Workers of the World, March, 23rd 1919; in: 0. Jaszi, ibid. p. 98).

o On April 22nd., 1919 Lenin himself cabled to the Soviet Russian Commander-in-Chief, Joakhim Vatzetis:
“An advance into a part of Galicia and Bukovina is essential for the purpose of establishing contact with Soviet Hungary”. (V.1. Lenin:  Telegram to J. Vatzetis, April 22nd., in J .M. Meijer; (Ed):  „The Trotsky Papers;  1917-1922”, Volume 1; The Hague; 1964; p.375).

o On April 25th., 1919, by-passing both Rakovsky and Vatzetis, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party sent an order directly to Antonov-Ovseenko, the Commander of the Ukrainian Front, to:
„Establish direct contact with Soviet Hungary”. (M. Gorky et al: „Istoriya Grazhdanakoi Voiny” (History of the Civil War”); Volume 4; Moscow; 1959; p.71).

o On August 1st, a joint session of the Revolutionary Governing Council and the Central Committee of the Socialist Communist party of Hungary was held.
Bela Kun told the  meeting that the position of the „Soviet” Republic” was now hopeless:
„I have been forced to come to this cold, sobering conclusion:  the dictatorship of the proletariat has been defeated, economically,  militarily and politically.”
(B. Kun:  Speech to Joint Session of RGG and CC of  S-CPH; August 1st., l919 in:  V. Bohm: „Ket Forradalom Tuzuben” (In the Crossfire of Two Revolutions), Vienna; 1923; in: R.L.Tokes:  „Bela Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic” New York, 1967; p. 203).

•       on May 30th., 1937, Kun was arrested by the NKVD
•       In 1989, the Soviet government announced that Kun had been executed in the Gulag  on 29 August 1938

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