Dear Russian Friends!

I read your article with full surprise that glorifying the Hungarian president and portraying him in a good light. You have to know few things about Viktor Orban before you would be conceited about this turncoat.

When our country was a communist state, in that time Viktor Orban was the first minion of György Soros already. He was a secretary of KISZ (Kommunista Ifjúsági Szövetség – Hungarian Young Communist League) with eager of youngster and he stood out from the rest of his classmates. His family is communist traditionally. Viktor Orban went to England on Soros’ money, when other people may not crossed the border because of the state’s restratints. Because of these restraints, for rest of the people it was unimaginable to learn in foreign countries. But Viktor Orban could do it, because he had György Soros’ sponsorship.

Orban was main participant of plundering and robbering the nation – you would know this happening as „End of Communism in Hungary” (1989). Noow the „Basic Law” that they glorify is nothing more, but taking away basic rights of the rest of society. They removed the housing rights from the law, and there are mass evictions in Hungary. Bidders can take the people’ houses, and tens of thousands people lost their home because of the „Basic Law”. The removed the social insurance from the law, so you can die if you are poor – if you have not enough money for primary care, you have no right to come in for primary care.

Viktor Orban announced „opening to the East”, and he try to make a picture that shows he is against the European Union. But it’s only a scam, because rest of Hungarian people are against the European Union, and he needs the people’ votes to stay in power. Now he speaks about „opening to the East”, but few years ago Viktor Orban was the first who ranted that all contacts with Moscow should be discontinued. In 1989, at the „end of Communism in Hungary”, Viktor Orban said communism must be swept – when he was communist too -, and this took place so succesfully that Hungary does not own a single Hungarian-owned factory. There are all factories in a foreign property and all of them are in private property. Orban bought back the Rába Machine Factory, but because Hungary – as a NATO member state – needs to accomplish military orders of NATO. That factory is producing components for the NATO, and Orban needed it in state property so thus share holders do not know about this.
Rest of our factories sold to Jewish „investors”, and now Orban introduced the Holocaust Memorial Day, because those „investors” have full influence in the coutry.

With Gypsy ancestry, Orban’s minority complex took shape so.

Do I need to say what does it mean that he is in connection with György Soros? Do I need to talk about the financial supporter of Chechen terrorists?

Viktor Orban was president of the European People’s Party! As president, he mostly spoke up against Putin, against the Russian Civilization, culture, and social norms of the Russian people. He were saying constantly that rights are defamed in Russia. Meanwhile Viktor Orban built a Germany-style terror-state in Hungary, with a Zionist elite, and he officially declared that his party is „sister party” of the Likud – a party of the Israeli terror-state. The Hungarian government has been continually does nothing more than concessions to Israel. Orban and Netanyahu issued a mutual resolution that declared Israel as main business partner of Hungary.

You see Orban’s politics are against the European Union. But we live in Hungary, and we see that it is only an illusion. Orban does nothing more but trying to poise between radicalization of society – caused by strong economic decline – and the pressure of György Soros and his financial circles. Viktor Orban is an obsessed man, and he could do everything to stay in power! All statements lie, every change in the law are against the nation, and all of these lies ara unveiled, but there are no discussion about this on the western international media, because of the influence of György Soros and his financial circles on it. They are talking about only that Orban is againt the European Union, but it is propaganda. Orban’s Christian religion is untruth, since he is not religious at all, and we know that 90 percent of Hungarian bishops are converted Jews. In Hungarian churches they read Torah, and Hungarian acolytes celebrate in Hebrew labeled toga. Orban only supports this form of „Christianity”. This sophisticated tendency supports gays and pedophiles, who can still free to protest and champing in Hungary.

Each action of Viktor Orban is a simple lie. Since his politics was shifted right from necessity as a result of the public pressure, online activists of Fidesz are bombarding the right-wing presses with articles glorifying Viktor Orban.

Well open your eyes and ears. Orban is a masonic political adventurer: he is a turncoat, and you have to watch your back, because he will turn against you (again), if his interest requires that! Do something in order the lies of this political destroyer to turn out. He ruined a country already! He demanded NATO military intervention against Russia in the Georgian war!

Be careful about who you praise! Be careful! If you trust him, you will be an other betrayed folk!