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În răspuns la Dromichete Lisimah.Material foarte important mai ales ca se pare Crucea Rosie era finantata de Rotschild …n-am verificat treaba asta dar daca este adevarat se pare ca propaganda aliatilor care continua si azi este bashinoasa raaaaau de tot!!!

Si profund UMAN- REPULSIVA caci aceasta propaganda care continua si azi NON-STOP !!! este


Iar specimenele ce o propaga sunt ANTI-OAMENI !!!

Multumiri pentru documentatie !
D’aia baga lumea la inchisoare Sindicatul Gangsterilor (foarte tare organizati mai ales in moduri paramilitare ilegale si masonice, adica ascunse caci au ce ascunde – altfel nu ar stramba jurisprudenta si sistemul de legi de azi , infiltrand cu criminali juridici – adica cu impostori
– sistemele juridice ale tuturor tarilor stapanite prin infiltratie si ilegalitate !!!) , fabricand intr-una legi noi liberticide , tocmai ca sa nu indrazneasca lumea sa le puna adevarul in fata !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Si sa-i RADA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dar Zigguratul lor de Minciuni !!! a inceput sa crape rau de tot(nu mai exista niciun istoric serios pe mapamond care sa le mai suporte cifrele mincinoase ,( Ernst Nolte a decretat ca Holocaustul cu cifra de 6000000 este o religie veche !!! nu un fapt stiintific dovedit !!!) si sunt si printre evrei din ce in ce mai multi care resping aceasta propaganda de minciuni mentinute prin crima inventata de criminalii lor juridici sau simpli impostori, si anume :

DELICTUL DE OPINIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cu care baga chiar si OCTOGENARII IN INCHISORI, CARE-I CONTRAZIC !!! ceea ce pentru octogenari este echivalent cu CONDAMNAREA LA MOARTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Deci criminalii lor juridici sunt criminali de doua ori caci distrug si jurisprudenta echilibrata si respectoasa fata de conceptul OM , nu doar adevarul istoric obiectiv !!! , ceea ce reprezinta dispretul pentru istoria OMENIRII !!!

Fiti atenti cum spera ei sa scape de consecintele unui razboi atomic (CATA DEMENTA CU PATENT!!!) , asta in timp ce-l provoaca intr-una pe Putin la razboiul nedorit de el :
Admin 15:09 on 05/08/2017
“The international Jewish community has bought Argentine and Chilean Patagonia to build a second Israel.”

Admin 15:09 on 05/08/2017
“The international Jewish community has bought Argentine and Chilean Patagonia to build a second Israel.”

By Eladiofernandez, November 15, 2013, translated from Spanish with GoogleTranslate








Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has changed Patagonia through the cancellation of the Argentine debt with the World Bank and the IMF, Eduardo Elztain, president of the world Jewish community.
The Argentine Patagonia with an area of ​​1,043,076 km² comes to be double of Spain included Baleares and Canary Islands.
The Argentine Patagonia is going to unite part of the south of the Patagonia of Chile to whose effect already is in fact collaborating the Chilean army to also establish previously an underground military base in what will come to be the military complex more sophisticated after the bases Area 51.
This submarine base will control and destroy submarines passing through Cape Horn from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
The base is already a few years old, and it is the Rockefeller base that along with the one they already own in the Antarctic are the most important in the south of the planet.
The Rockefeller base of the Patagonia and Lakes Region of southern Chile and Argentina is really an extensive network of DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base, by TWP) areas and tunnels.
The water of this region is the purest of the planet and the most delicious. Rich in trace elements tertiary and unpolluted from the life of man who has only arrived there in the form of few families and some military unit in recent history.
Military and Israeli scientists have been making their measurements and technical studies of the area they have taken for good to move forward with the settlement of a new Israel.
The construction of giant DUMBs is essential for the development of underground life in an area of ​​temperatures and hostile winds in the Antarctic winter, which can then develop on the surface.
Cryogenic crops in DUMBs are paramount for the sustainability of sustainable underground life without relying on outside and adverse weather conditions for most of the year.
On the other hand, DUMBs will function as an atomic shelter and for natural catastrophes, with water and air pumping systems for both extraction and feeding.
The purchase of such territories guarantees the private property to which they add carte blanche for the organization itself as a country within two other countries Chile and Argentina, with its own army but also with the collaboration of both Argentine and Chilean armies.
For the geostrategic balance in the area, Argentina has signed trade agreements with China, and the Jewish community will in turn pressure the British Empire for its withdrawal from the Falklands or its distribution with China and Argentina of the resources of the area.
The international community, let us say the countries extinguished of their sovereignty that has been carried out justly by the international Zionist community have not been informed by anyone of these plans, and only some secret services know very well these plans since the Israeli army, Argentine And Chilean are in charge of the secrecy and discretion of the development of the project.
In the expected thermonuclear explosion that could occur between blocs and the contamination and disappearance of whole cities, in turn driven and pushed by the Federal Reserve’s own Zionist interests and their control and single issue of the currency, Israel hopes to be able to continue in Solitary life on earth, along with the other DUMBS built in Africa and USA for the same purpose of having a safe place where to protect the world elite.
Powerful tunnelers are trying to connect all these DUMBS of the different continents in the maximum number of kilometers and possible stretches.
http://raicesyevolucion.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/banco-hipotecario-eduardo-elsztain-culto-a-moloch-y-satanismo/Mortgage Bank and Eduardo Elsztain.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J23mTVW8KA false tourists from the Israeli army in southern Chile to map it.
http://www.oocities.org/ar/ciudadanosalerta/noticias/colonia_judia.html Jewish settlement in the Argentine region of Santa Cruz.
http://www.haaretz.com/news/features/david-s-harp/insider-information-from-heaven-1.466774BID Group Holding Corporation.
http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-11-27/israel-s-dankner-adds-securities-fraud-probe-to-cash-squeeze.htmlIsrael’s global pyramidal structure.
http://www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/president The Jewish power and control of the world and religion. Ronald S. Lauder President of the International Jewish Conference.
http://www.larazon.es/detalle_hemeroteca/noticias/LA_RAZON_363937/2296-patagonia-la-ultima-carra-palestina#.Ttt1J2DR7r4vNUkPatagonia the last Palestinian land.
http://www.publico.es/internacional/334562/obama-abraza-a-enemigos-de-eeuu-y-castiga-a-sus-aliadosAznar embraces the Jewish World Congress. Eduardo Elsztain of Argentina and Ronal S. Lauder.
http://algoestacambiando.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/manifestante-anti-nuevo-orden-mundial-confronta-a-david-rockefeller-a-summer-a-chile/David Rockefeller in Chile.
http://radio.uchile.cl/2013/11/14/ciudadanos-redactan-estatus-by-additional-conditions-to-patagoniaStatutes for Patagonia.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3aZ1crXSWE The only family on the surface of Cape Horn, not underground.
Each of these families change it every year so that they can not notice any information.
China builds an underwater secret base in the Pacific.
http://periodismoalternativoblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/canada-inaugura-una-base-militar-de-entrenamiento-en-el-artico/A base similar to this one of Denmark in the Arctic but in the Antarctic .
http://despiertaalfuturo.blogspot.com.es/2013/05/monsanto-bill-gates-y-rockefeller.htmlSeed Base of the Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates in the Arctic.
http://actualidad.rt.com/blogueros/iluminando_conciencias/view/42233-La-%C3%A9lite-se-refugia-bajo-tierraThe elite take refuge underground


Annex 20 December 2014:
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia, conceal the new Zionist settlements that are establishing their businesses and offices there. Israel’s speculation of being attacked by the Islamic world they finance together with the US led by the AIPAC , seek new settlements.
Patagonia and Kazakhstan are the serious and ongoing alternatives.
Israel threatens a nuclear Armageddon to the world.
Angela Merkel’s government has provided four free Dolphin-class nuclear submarines to Israel for gratuitously for having influenced the Rothschilds in the proprietary governments of 70% of Israeli businesses in canceling the German debt in the 1953 London Agreement. Rothschild in 1948 with the purchase of votes in the UN for the constitution of the state of Israel, as they have done it again in 2011; And as an extension to rights over water and the Suez Canal. They are the submarines of the Apocalypse for a nuclear Armagedon in the zone of the middle east that would end by crossing of attacks or radiation with the own Israel, Syria, Iran and other countries of the Persian Gulf.
The respectable Jewish people have a major , definitive and historic challengeto their present and future, and consists of getting rid of the double game with the Zionists led by the main financial families and their illuminatis Jesuit Masonic connections, and to demonstrate to the world their independence from these Satanists friends of Armageddon, kings of the Supreme Court of the occult . Jewish and ultra-Orthodox conservatives oppose influence as they say manipulative, but we have seen nothing efficient to eradicate collaboration, but rather absolute complacency.
The forced multiculturalism of his plan Kalergi Mason for the loss of the original tribal identities of the different countries and peoples forcefully engaged in the great blender of the mix to exclude that, his race. Millenary and independent cultures that with their Globalization disintegrate into a tribal work of centuries and millennia in other cases, overnight, devoid of their identity and peculiarities, mixed as farm animals forced into a migration by misery, and the Necessity perpetrated from its financial corporate holding, for its constitution in the unique pure race untouched. We must not enter into thoughts and actions against a people that in the end has suffered the nomadic manipulation of its religious and financial leaders to be marked by an exclusion marked by the constants themselves – consecrations and promises of a promised land and chosen people – Which they have received from their indoctrinators and prophets.
Humanity faces a great and enormous challenge of twinning and universal consciousness, which is not Globalist and disintegrating identities; And is also not determined to eradicate hunger, disease and need as a form of control of humanity, by controlling the finances and the secret control of governments and institutions and the tool of religion that they implement at their convenience Among peoples. (Ezekiel, 13). God exists, Satan also exists; Is the fallen angel of God. But the managers in the land of God delegitimize by themselves with their manipulative actions of humanity, the natural resources of the planet and their plans of eugenics.
POSTDATA 29 March 2015:
New fires provoked in Patagonia .
They need paradisiacal places to build their residences and DUMBS.
As they also know the areas declared catastrophic zone receive State aid that they pay all, for their restoration to their liking. Preventions that come from the UN itselfwithin its climate change plan powered by associations such as the Rockefeller Foundation.
POSTDATA 30 OCT. 2015. The roadmap is met .
POSTDATA 3 APRIL 2016: Eduardo Elsztain , helmsman of IRSA, one of the largest real estate developers in the country and owner of the DOT mall, among others, landed at the local mining. He is the largest shareholder of the Australian Austral Gold, and it is not enough to have bought Patagonia, now they want to plunder the gold in Salta, with the Canadian Goldrock Mines that is also his property. The cyanide pollution of the Salta region and aquifers will be bestial, but that does not matter to these people.
POSTDATA 1 MAY 2016: All my calculations are confirmed . The navy of Chile will be taken by the supreme command of Israel.
POSTDATA 8 MAY 2016: Soldier of Chile denounces the military invasion of Israel from Patagonia.
This matter is affecting Patagonia .
It supposes a revision in Chile in the Congress of the affairs that are secret and which are not.
That is to say, to make secrets all the penetration of the navy of Israel in the control of the navy and the Chilean army.
On the other hand, and WHAT CASUALITY, that is rather a WARNING COVERED to the generals opposed to delivering the Chilean Navy to Israel.
( WIKIPEDIA ): The commander-in-chief of the Chilean military forces, JUAN MIGUEL FUENTE-ALBA POBLETE was hiding a fortune of 5 million dollars, a fortune that is not possible to join by means of a military career, so it is presumed Fuente-Alba could be involved in the fraud case called “Milicogate.”
Through various investigations it has been discovered that Fuente-Alba owns dozens of luxury cars, many real estate with which he has made suspicious transactions between his intimate family and millions of bank deposits.
POSTDATA 8 DECEMBER 2016: Construction of a private tourist complex in Patagonia begins. Manifestations in the Bolsón.
POSTDATA 10 JANUARY 2017: “A parallel State in Patagonia , by Juan Grabois. Joe Lewis is already master and lord in Rio Negro. “
POSTDATA 22 FEBRUARY 2017: Frightful behavior of Israeli tourists in Torres del Paine.
POSTDATA 5 APRIL 2017: Elzstain acquires Falkland Islands Holding Group Plc .In the Las Malvinas tax haven to wash Argentine money. With the complicity of the president himself.

Governments pass, Elsztain remains