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Today, coups, murders and terror are the fruits of NATO’s war in Libya and the dire consequences of the We st’s intervention are having us all facing disastrous results throughout the Mediterranean region.  And surprisingly no accountability!  Why weren’t Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron held for war crimes? Furthermore, besides the crimes of commission, we must not ignore those of omission on the shoulders of those responsible, perhaps indirectly, for not voicing their protests against that massacre, or worse still, approving or abetting this outrage.


It is very unfortunate to remember that even our own government is jointly responsible for this human disaster. How could our then Prime Minister be so naïve as not to see the hidden agenda for the attack on Libya ?

May I remind you what you helped to destroy, Dr. Gonzi?  Libya was the jewel of Africa with free top-quality education from kindergarten to university, ranked 5th in the world ( USA ranks 27th), citizens all got monthly oil royalty cheques for oil sales, free top-quality health care, besides a stable quasi crime-free country and so much more, which all admired, including yourself evidently, if your smile wasn’t a hypocritical one?  Besides,Ghaddafi had provided millions in assisting many other African nations, including our country, after your government had milked it dry.  Then they dumped the US petro dollar for the gold backed Dinar and got bombed by the US/NATO and your backing.  How could you ever sleep peacefully since?  The pity of it all is that through your biggest misconception, we were dragged into the most unjust conflict inflicted upon a peaceful nation.

Perhaps, your only mitigating factor in this whole sorrowful charade, which further helped to put our country in the front of this meddlesome affair, was not so difficult to pull through as the Opposition never confronted or objected to such action, but sat comfortably and uncommitted on the wall and consequently we can justifiably assume that our parliament f—-ed (fouled, as you may imagine otherwise, which would still fit better) up the whole matter and destroyed a peaceful nation.  But what makes our political leaders today feel so cuddly chatting about remedial action to the chaos they themselves caused?   Is it stupidity or sheer arrogance? Whatever, both Gonzi and Muscat could have given much more responsible service to our country!

And now again another great disservice is looming over our country.  Foreign Minister George Vella recently stated that Malta ’s ‘constitutional neutrality’ does not render us immune to the new threats that have emerged. Is Dr. Vella seeking all excuses and subtly hinting at taking our country back into NATO?  If so, I know of somebody who would have called you ‘traitor’ had he been around!  Perhaps that was the only time you could rest your head peacefully on your pillow!  Dr. Vella, you know well how you were there for the modelling of our Constitution.  Would you be willing to disown it now?


‘Maltese maritime authorities have issued a warning to mariners about “armed vessels” roaming to the south of Malta .’   Or that ‘our Constitution can’t defend us against Muslim militants or terrorists, and that we should be seeking some kind of military alliance for defence’.  Are these the flimsy excuses you are trying to promote towards this end?  You should be wise enough to secure and safeguard our ‘neutrality clause’ in our Constitution as that was, and always will be, Malta ’s lifeline for existence.  None is so strong as to be untouchable.  Have you already forgotten ‘9/11’ or ‘Charlie Hebdo’, your Honour?


It is a great pity that Dr. Vella is contributing towards a foreign policy that does not seem to go in line with the policy of the present government, as on more than one occasion our Prime Minister has declared himself supportive of the neutrality policy.  If there is some hidden agenda, it is well hidden as the Maltese citizen is truly ignorant of what’s going on!   We deserve better!


Too often politics is dominated by spin, by MPs telling us what they think we want to hear.



Joseph M. Cachia                                                                         April, 2015

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