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Ion Coja It is high time for Jews and Hungarians to find out the truth.

Who in fact sent 460,000 Jews from Hungary to Auschwitz?

For many years I was also led to believe, as everybody else, that Hungarians, unlike Romanians,
sent their fellow Jewish citizens to Auschwitz. It is a well known and much publicized fact that,
in 1944, several hundred thousand Jews were sent by train to death camps from where very few
managed to find their way back. I myself have written several times about this, in the footsteps
of the pre-1990 official historical and scholarly lines of thought, according to which Hungary’s
Jews were subjected to ruthless extermination while most of those from Romania escaped.
Winston Churchill himself spoke about this episode in Hungary’s history, calling it humankind’s
most repugnant crime. This was also the title of one of the chapters in my 1991 book
Transilvania Invincibile Argumentum (Irrefutable Arguments about Transylvania), written well
before 1990.
I used the title of this chapter again in my 2004 book Protocoalele Kogaionului (Protocols of
Kogaion,) but this time it was simply to follow my earlier assertions regarding this subject. Now,
I will do that once more, but this time by declaring that neither Hungarians nor the Hungarian
authorities were responsible for the 1944 Hungarian Jewish tragedy! I would venture to say, not
even the Germans!… But the Jews themselves!
And yet, seven years after the publication of my Protocols, I find that my hypotheses have not
reached one single Hungarian. This is of course my fault as I was never really able to market my
writings. So, here I am again, one of the many reasons being to give the young Csikszereda [a
city in Transylvania] hockey players another reason to be proud that they are Hungarians and
not, God forbid, Romanians…
After 1990, as we all know, Romanians suddenly discovered that they were also being accused
of the Holocaust. The accusers were Jewish authors of dubious background. Overnight they
became Romanian Holocaust experts. Considering myself rather well-informed, I responded to
the accusations. This is how I got involved, willingly or unwillingly, in this controversy which
means that, once you are in it, you have to go to the bitter end or, in other words, I had to get
further informed on this issue. This is how I came to understand how much the well-known
Hungarian accusations are totally groundless. I repeat: groundless! They are made up or, in the
best (worst) case scenario, exaggerated.
Recapitulating, let me emphasize that the decision regarding the fate of Hungary’s Jews, about
those sent to Auschwitz, was not made in a Cabinet meeting, or in the Budapest Parliament. Not
even in a Nazi meeting. The decision was taken by a Jewish initiative at the highest level, i.e.: by
the Jewish Agency’s Salvation Committee!
My assertions are based on data contained in Roger Garaudy’s work, The Case of Israeli Zionism
(the Romanian language publication’s title is Procesul sionismului israelian). No one has yet
discredited these facts. Roger Garaudy is a well-known leftist figure with a democratic outlook,
but without any party loyalty, who has received several criticisms from different quarters about
his latest writings because of their so-called anti-Semitic nature. Yet, no one has been able to
accuse him of disseminating false or distorted facts. All the facts I borrowed from Roger
Garaudy regarding this issue come from Jewish writers or institutions. Let me quote further from
Protocoalele Kogaionului ( p. 77-79). We learn from Roger Garaudy that in order to go to
Palestine, it was not enough to be of Jewish descent. One had to be a ‘’good’’ Jew, one with
higher attributes. To be able to go to Palestine, Jews had to prove that they were made of such
mettle as to not be a burden to the future state of Israel (p. 47).
Already in 1935, a prominent Zionist leader, Ytzhak Gruenbaum reminded us that there was a
need to authorize the selection of immigrants and that they should not accept everybody (same
page). It appears that the ratio of Jews living in Hitler-occupied territories in Europe and
unworthy of entering the Holy Land reached 90%! Therefore, the problem faced by Jews
expelled from Europe by the Nazis and whom Zionists where slow to accept in Israel finds its
source primarily in the Zionists’ doctrines. They looked at the problem not from the point of
view of readiness to help but based it on the country’s needs (same page). The wording found in
other Zionist doctrines is far more explicit, steeped in pragmatism, cynicism and inhumanity.
For example, take a look at the 1943 Memorandum of the Jewish Agency’s Salvation
Committee: ‘’Should we help everyone who needs help regardless of their personal attributes?
Shouldn’t we give the whole thing a national and Zionist label and try to save those who might
be useful to the land of Israel and Judaism? I know that this line of thinking might seem inhuman
but we must point out clearly that if out of 50,000 people we could save 10,000 who could
contribute to the country’s rebirth and consolidation instead of 1 million Jews who would be a
burden on the country, then we must restrain ourselves and save those 10,000, notwithstanding
the cries for help and recrimination of the 1 million left aside.’’ (p. 47-48). So, when it came
down to the choice between the 10,000 useful Jews and the 1 million unfit, the Zionists were
only interested in the 10,000. The other 1 million (or six) were completely expendable –they
could even die—as far as the Zionists were concerned, and their death would not be considered a
loss. This possibility didn’t seem to bother any Zionist leader. Quite on the contrary: it seemed to
suit their interests.
At the same time, the above passage reminds us of what exactly took place when Jews arrived at
Auschwitz: they were divided into two groups according to their characteristics, precisely based
on their usefulness. Those who could contribute to the German war effort, –i.e. strengthening the
country– were kept alive. The rest, who were only a burden on the Nazis, became human
garbage and quickly ended their earthly lives.
It may also be added that the above statements come not from a heartless and confused
individual but from an institution. And yet, they are full of endless contempt for humanity: they
were not just simple words but they had very real and concrete consequences, and in a most
marked way, for the lives of several hundred thousand, or perhaps several million people, if we
take into account the Holocaust which has been receiving so much media attention, not to
mention all the details about Jewish suffering presented by lamenting public relations gurus. It is
only in literature that we are accustomed to such strong cynicism and contempt where such
exaggerated behaviour and situations serve an artistic purpose and where consequences remain
strictly at that level. In this case, however, such statements have an unmistakable deadly and
homicidal purpose. So what happened to the famous Jewish solidarity? Why did it fail here? Or,
dare I say, perhaps even turn into a lack of simple human solidarity?
At the same time, these Zionist statements testify to the existence of two categories of Jews.
They bring to light an outlook on life and a pragmatism hitherto unknown in history which leave
everybody breathless, whether Christians or Jews. In other words, a simple philanthropic gesture
to save the German Jews would only have been inconvenient and caused problems to the
Zionists, especially since the greater the catastrophe, the smaller the chances of saving them.
‘’We can intervene on behalf of Jews in Germany if they bring their wealth to Palestine. The
current immigrants don’t get that chance because they want to come empty-handed.’’
‘’Therefore, they can’t offer anything to Yishuv (Israel’s name before it was recognized as an
independent state in 1948) and we can’t expect anything else than what we have determined so
far about most of the Jews of Germany: total estrangement from, even antagonism towards the
territory of Israel, the absence of respect towards anything that is Jewish; a multitude of people
with no connection to Zionism and who lost all sense of nationality.’’ (p. 48). Here are Roger
Garaudy’s comments: these quotes show clearly the difference between Judaism as a religion,
which I respect, and the nationalistic and oppressive political Zionism, which I condemn.
Moreover, these ideas and statements show clearly the deceit and duplicity of those who today
weep over the very same victims they refused to save. (p. 49).
This is worth repeating: ‘’the deceit and duplicity of those who today weep over the very same
victims they refused to save!’’
In other words: Jews who refused to save Jews! Why? Because they were poor Jews, Jews who
came empty-handed …
It is becoming ever so clear that during World War II the Jewish elite perpetrated an artificial
selection among those Jews who were charged with populating the future Israel, those who had
to survive the war. On one side stood those Jews who were programmed to be Israelites, who had
to be quality Jews, infused with Zionist ideas, rejecting the melting pot notion that more and
more Jews were silently accepting. On the other side stood the poor Jews who, in the Zionists’
eyes, were simply a human multitude without any connection to Zionism, lacking any national
feelings and not showing any respect towards anything Jewish or Hebrew. That’s why they had
to be excluded from any rescue! Perhaps this is the multitude that made up the six million?… The
famous six million?
Note: Perhaps one could deduce from the above an astounding but not at all absurd hypothesis
that would follow from the writings of the Zionist doctrines, i.e. that the Holocaust represents a
punishment for all those who didn’t show respect towards everything that is Jewish or Hebrew!
For the time being I am simply noting this hypothesis so that I can verify it later through other
research. Perhaps, others will do this checking. Those who are more knowledgeable and
What was the situation of Jews in Hungary seen under this Zionist slant?
They were known as readily accepting assimilation or already assimilated. Under the Dual
Monarchy, they traditionally declared themselves Hungarians, especially when it came to census
or other tests of loyalty. I will even go out on a limb by asserting that there were few Jews who
were willing to leave the comfort of their homes there in order to go to Palestine and start
everything all over. After all, Jews are also human beings. They were never heroes and
martyrs… This was only part of the Zionist doctrine: to choose those Jews who would shape a
nation of heroes and martyrs, the future Israel…
We can point out that Zionist leaders did not look very kindly on Hungary’s Jews. Were they
considered to be in the group of those not worthy of setting foot in the Holy Land?
Let me quote further from the book entitled Protocoalele Kogaionului, p. 77-79.
‘’So very often Jews living in Germany and generally in countries occupied by the Nazis were
nothing more than manpower from which the Zionists who created Israel selected (after all, is it
not the chosen people?) those Jews who could emigrate and live in Palestine, while those of a
weaker kind, useless and unwanted would remain at the disposal of the Nazis. The great Zionist
and first head of state of the new Israel, Ben Gurion, used similar words: the minority that could
be rescued had to be selected accordingly for the Zionist Palestinian project.’’ (p. 44).
Therefore, it was up to the Zionists to rescue the heroes and martyrs, leaving the six million
majority to their fate in the extermination camps.
N.B.: That most of the Jews were left to the mercy of Nazi camps is a conclusion that Roger
Garaudy fully supports (expressis verbis) in the comments he makes in connection with Rudolf
Kastner who was condemned in the 1950s for collaborating with the Nazis. Kastner was accused
of doing business with Eichmann, in connivance with the Zionist leaders (at the time of the trial
most of them were ministers) to rescue 1684 ‘’useful’’ Jews (Roger Garaudy’s quote) and let
them emigrate to Palestine as people needed to build the future Israel. In return, he would
convince the 460,000 Jews in Hungary that they would simply be relocated and in no way
transported to the Auschwitz death camps.
As pointed out by Judge Halevi, all of these crimes were committed with the approval of the
Jewish Agency and the International Jewish Congress. (p. 44).
What a heartless statement: ‘’these crimes were committed with the approval of the Jewish
Agency and the International Jewish Congress.’’ ‘’These crimes’’… i.e. the almost total
annihilation of Jews in Hungary was committed with the approval, or rather the collaboration of
the Jewish Agency and the International Jewish Congress.
This raises a few questions.
One can presume that all of the 1684 ‘’useful’’ Jews needed to establish Israel were all supertalented
people, all potential Nobel laureates in waiting. Did they themselves ever find out under
what conditions they were rescued from Germany and ended up in Palestine?
Did they ever publish the list of 1684 names?
If 460,000 Jews were indeed sent to the Auschwitz death camps with the full knowledge and
approval of the Jewish Agency and the International Jewish Congress, why are Hungarians, the
Hungarian state and Hungarian people in general still being accused of the deportation to
Germany and murder of 460,000 Hungarian Jews during the spring of 1944?
Let’s confirm once more the nature of this crime. According to Winston Churchill, during the
Holocaust, the deportation of Hungary’s Jews was humanity’s most revolting crime. Over the
years, this crime has been squarely laid at the feet of Hungarian authorities who proceeded with
the deportations with such zeal that even the Germans themselves were amazed. Roger Garaudy
adds a small detail that takes away from the Hungarian authorities all such ‘’credit’’ by stating
that the Jews themselves were eager to climb into the wagons since they had received
confirmation from the Zionists that they were simply being resettled. Since the Jews so readily
believed that they were simply being relocated, this gave the Zionists an added proof that all
460,000 of them were indeed useless and of ‘’poor quality’’ who deserved their lot and be sent
like animals to slaughter; in other words, unworthy to set foot in the Holy Land.
Many years ago, I used to make comments on this most revolting crime in the history of
humanity, differentiating between the Hungarians’ Asian, the Huns’ animal-like behaviour and
the humane behaviour and patience of Romanians. I think that I have to take back my former
statements and opinions. Mea culpa! I am sorry that my mistake was incomplete! I would simply
have liked to retract my accusations, and that’s the end of that! Unfortunately, it’s not because
my accusations are not true and that they don’t agree with the facts, that they don’t have merit,
but because I have to level them against other people. I maintain my accusations but I have to
lodge them elsewhere, as I am compelled to by Roger Garaudy. And that elsewhere is Zionism!
Zionism is responsible for the fate of the 460,000 Hungarian Jews who were deported to the
Auschwitz gas chambers and ovens by the Nazis with the consent of the Zionist leaders! Let me
repeat: by Nazis, with the blessing of the Zionist leaders… Moreover, with the Zionists’
complicity! These are the accusations levelled by Roger Garaudy: Zionist Jews are responsible
for the most revolting crimes against humanity! Let me be clear again: the words are those of
Winston Churchill. A crime committed against 460,000 completely innocent Jews. In other
words: the most revolting crimes against humanity were in essence a Jewish business deal made
by criminal Zionist Jews at the expense of worthless Jews. It is all the more revolting that after
the war, Jews levelled these accusations against the Hungarians. It is totally revolting! Nec plus
Post Scriptum of 2011: I am glad that I can inform Hungarians living in Hungary and
everywhere else that this genocide does not weigh on their shoulders. It is high time for
Hungarians to learn the truth and react accordingly. It is perhaps even more important for Jews
themselves to learn the truth and react accordingly to this truth!
This is the essence of truth.
Last but not least: Eichmann, the mastermind behind the deportations, was he not Jewish by any
chance, as many Jews have claimed?…
December 22, 2011
Translated by Gyula Kovács

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