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Bagand traducerea mea cu titlul dat de mine in engleza ca sa iasa in orice cautare pe google (sa stie lumea ce se petrece in Romania),poate considerati necesar sa atrageti atentia internationala asupra crimelor armatei americane de ocupatie, savarsite in impunitate totala asupra romanilor , cu acte in regula !!!


To be above the law
June 28, 2023 | Nationalist doctrine , Texts of others

An American officer beat up a waiter from Caracal, and the Military Prosecutor closed the case. In Romania, American citizens are above the law

Virgil Şerban

A waiter from Caracal was beaten up by an American officer whom he served in 2022, but the Military Prosecutor closed the case, lawyer Adrian Cuculis announced. The reason? The Military Prosecutor found that the fact happened, but Romania renounced the criminal jurisdiction over the US soldiers, stationed on the national territory.

The injured person filed a complaint, but he surrendered to the Romanian state authorities. The lawyer Adrian Cuculis says that it is about a national humiliation:

„Humiliation in one’s own country. The case of the man beaten up by an American soldier (lieutenant) from the Deveselu base, while he was serving him at a table in a restaurant in Caracal, was settled by the military prosecutor’s office. The explanation is simple: not that he was not beaten, but in 2001 Romania agreed to give up through the agreement of October 30, 2001 that the SERIOUS acts of the American soldiers should not be investigated by the Romanian jurisdiction but, perhaps, by the American one. Prosecutor of the case: Pîrlog Bogdan”, says the lawyer Cuculis.

The case recalls the tragic situation of Teo Peter.

On December 4, 2004, Christopher Vangoethem, a security guard at the US Embassy in Bucharest, fatally injured the bassist of the band Compact, Teo Peter (50 years old), who was returning home from the recordings by taxi. Vangoethem had made a serious mistake twice when he killed the artist. He got behind the wheel drunk and did not give priority to the taxi, which was coming on Dacia Boulevard. It didn’t even get to be daylight. In less than two hours he was taken from the scene, under the nose of the Romanian authorities, who were still investigating the accident, boarded a plane and taken to the USA. A mock trial took place there, after which the author of the murder came off with a written reprimand. Which we don’t know if he even read it.

In 2022, the vice consul of the US Embassy in Bucharest hit a woman on the crosswalk. Even here, the Romanian state „ESUAT”(„failed” state, , as the Romanian President Johannis, calls his own state) did not defend its citizen.