816 aprobate
Surena, cu neobrazare minti dumneata. Asta e ceea ce a spus MacGregor pe data de 1 Martie la Fox News:

„All the Ukrainian troops there are being largely surrounded and cut off, you have a concentration down in the southeast of 30 to 40,000 of them, and if they surrender within the next 24 hours, I suspect that the Russians will ultimately annihilate them. .”

Iar pe 6 Martie asta:

„MACGREGOR: Well, the end of this phase is still a few days away. The first five days, Russian forces I think, frankly, were too gentle. They’ve now corrected that. So I would say another 10 days, this should be completely over. ”

Deci Rusia a corectat deja „greseala”, nu mai e „too kind”, a schimbat tactica si in 10 zile totul e gata.

Pe scurt, e ceea ce il acuza pe Zelensky, o marioneta, dar putinista.

Restul aiurelilor cu inferioritatea numerica si cu „protejarea populatiei nici nu merita comentarii. Delir. Poti canta la asta masa.