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The Sundar Singh prophecies about THE SPIRITUAL FUTURE OF ROMANIA

Sundar Singh was born on September 3, 1889, in Rampur, a village in Punjab, in a rich landowning Hindu family. In order for him to have a good education his mother sent him to the Presbyterian missionary school nearby.
It was there that he burned his Bible on December 16, 1904 in a protest against Christianise.
He experienced a conversion the following year after an extraordinary spiritual vision in which Jesus Christ has appeared to him and spoke to him (after which his family threw him out of the house and disinherited him).
He was baptised at St. Thomas’ Church in Simla on September 3, 1905.
Thirty-three days later he took on the ascetic lifestyle of a sadhu.
These prophecies were revealed after his visit in Romania, in 1922.
They have been circulating as manuscripts for a long time during the communist dictatorship in Romania.
Considered by many skeptics as mere suppositions and digressions, the Sundar Singh prophecies are amazing through clarity of exposure, simplicity and mostly through fairness due to the obvious lack of interest which a Christianised Indian could have had about Romania future.
We cannot say how much of these sayings of this enlightened man is true, even though in our opinion they are veridical. These can only be verified by time passing and that’s why it’s absolutely your personal decision to believe them or not.
Still, if you read these prophecies you will find some of them already fulfilled.
There were other connected prophecies also revealed in the New Testament and by means of Nostradamus, of the Christian saint Seraphim of Sarov and others.
When Sundar Singh disappeared in the foothills of Himalaya in 1929 the world mourned for him.
Sundar Singh was known in his lifetime as India’s most famous convert to Christianity.
His twenty-three years pilgrimage as a sadhu – a wandering, penniless pilgrim – had led him across more than twenty countries on four continents. He had profoundly influenced tens of thousands of people.
He never accepted the religion as such but he instead emphasized the life-changing starkness of Christ’s original teachings.
As German scholar Friedrich Heiler once put it, “He is India’s ideal of the disciple of Christ – a barefooted itinerant preacher with burning love in his heart. In him Christianity and Hinduism meet, and the Christian faith stands forth, not as something foreign, but like a flower which blossoms on an Indian stem.”

Don’t be surprised about this way of addressing because I’m doing it not to leave you deceived by this so skilful satanical frame-up.

I know that Romania has a great Divine mission for spiritual restoration, which will prepare it for being a genuine spiritual model, worth to be followed by whole humankind. It is necessary to proclaim this confession-prophecy to every world nations, Christian or other religions, because all signs indicate the amazing spiritual changes that will soon come. My words are not to determine you consider me a fanatic sympathizer of Romanians who dreams chimerical phantasms, because the one who inspired me these prophecies, without any doubt, is the Holy Virgin. Therefore, I remind you again that as far as I feel, the first place to protect Romania is taken by the Holy Virgin and then by the Great Cosmic Powers, and the majority of heaven saints.

Then, almost all nations will open their eyes soon and will contribute to fulfill the reality meant by God and they will subdue much more properly than anytime. In those times the human stubbornness which makes possible so many bad interpretations of the Divine will is going to give in. The perpetuation of evil will cease, the Divine revelations will cover the whole world, so that all that is pleasant to God will come out into the light and help people reach the wisdom and make them perfect.

Now, when I’m conveying these prophecies to you, if I had a Romanian origin, maybe I could be considered guilty of nationalism. Had I been a European from the Latin community, then there could emerge some reasons to be judged for in a human way, with human passion. But, since I’m an Indian illuminated by Jesus Christ and I am steadily established in the Christian faith, I can speak at ease, and assure that now I’m doing nothing but expressing God will.

In the years and months to come, in the country of your living (Romania), the earth surface will start burning, the climate will suffer some changes. Earthquakes will destroy many buildings, hurricanes and strong winds, terrestrial and maritime, will destroy the human boldness based only on the so-called power of science. The human cleverness put in service to the evil will show to the world the most horrible crimes and world will find out the most terrible illnesses that will come to destroy the lives of the bad and perverted men.

In those times of great changes, in other places on earth, a quarter of humanity will suddenly disappear; then, at a second trial, there will die almost a quarter again out of those escaped alive and terrified. The others will strive for God body and soul – from the baby at his mother breast to the most obstinate tyrant walking on earth.

But I’m telling you not to count the time of these spiritual changes of this world, by the times of your mean interests. Because as far as I have seen, those changes will come over and take you unawares, no matter you will stick to your obstinacy and you will continue not to believe in God.

Many peoples in Asia will suddenly set themselves toward the Christian religion, and many wild tribes will become Christian, also due to the large spreading of the Bible, which will be known to all peoples, of all languages, from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Those times are close when England will loose its power and France will be assimilated by the surrounding nations.

Gradually the states powers will vanish, for in their place to come a new power, named World States Federation, with one president, one currency, one ruling council, one army, air-carried, used only for defense or internal safety, it’s soldiers having the duty to maintain order in the affected zones.

In that period Russia will become one of the most authentic Christian countries on earth, the Bosfor and Dardanelles will sink and completely disappear, also many islands will disappear, being destroyed by earthquakes, the earth crust being jolted by a great number of scourges which will fall over men.

The holy gifted churches will gather in one, surnamed Christian Church, Right Convicted, Apostolical and Missionary which will prepare almost the whole world for the spiritual changes taking place on the entire planet. Also, in those times will came the antichrist, i.e. all those who, more or less aware of it, will be fighting against the true spirituality, looking for the triumph of the obscure forces of darkness and lie. This will keep the human being in a state of unconsciousness and lethargycal slavery, and many struggle ideas will dawn, without any kind of physical weapon, in order to annihilate the veritable faith in God.

All these and much more, although it seems incredible now to some people, later, will later come true by God’s will.

The only ones to escape the punishment of the destructive fire and the massacres all over the world will be Romania and the surnamed holy places from Palestine. Also preserved from sword will be the citadel of Vatican but its power of influence, so much craved for, will be gone.

Romania will pass through some stages of fundamental changes finally becoming, owing to its exemplary spiritualization, an authentic spiritual hotbed, worth to be compared to the mythical „New Canaan”, and Bucharest will become an essential centre of this hotbed. This capital of the spiritual pole of the planet will be almost entirely rebuilt, at last remaining a building setting, ring-shaped, having 7 km diameter, which will be considered by all nations as an authentic „New Jerusalem” of the world.

Even if my words are staggering you, it is necessary to say that for everybody, these will happen exactly as I’m saying, in those future times, because all of these represent the all-powerful will of God and not of humans. All the world nations will participate at different common activities having equal rights in this new spiritual centre, considered to be the shape of the biblical New Jerusalem, where the equality in rights of all countries and nations naturally is an essential condition in front of Good Lord.

Romania will pass through great worries and through some foreign changes in the future that will acknowledge it in the international political environment. Thanks to the merciful fate it will escape almost untouched by the world warlike situation and it will proclaim itself a neutral country, by its extraordinary spiritual process and it will itself assume the role of perfect nucleus of divine wisdom and love.

Finally, all enemies of Romania will come down to their knees, at the boundaries of this country and will humbly recognize its spiritual mission that will manifest through the terrible power of God. Then, all of you will see for it will be a heavenly sign. In the future time wars, fire and destructions will surround Romania, but it will remain untouched, exactly like a heavenly green oasis, in the middle of the frightful destroying desert caused by the human cleverness in the service of evil. The satanic intelligence will be using this in the last clench that men don’t even think of now.

After the shocking planetary changes and a flashing grim war, there will finally remain neither defeated nor triumphant. There will only be three categories:
– the dead;
– the wounded and maimed in war;
– the survivors entirely untouched.

And the number of the killed and affected ones in war will be that large, that nobody will speak either about defeat or about wining. For its consequences will be so huge that all survivors will be frightened. Crimes, leprosy, cholera and many other terrible diseases, some of them completely new, unknown before, will haunt the earth surface, especially affecting the bad ones. Wild beasts will swoop upon the cities and villages, attacking people.

Many changes will shake the earth and all these great wraths, mostly unexpected, will sometimes come in a flashing way.

Rising over the ashes, the pains and tests of all these changes and disasters, the unaffected witnesses and the survivors will strongly search the path of getting closer to Good Lord, whom they have, more or less neglected for so long. Then everyone will convince himself that there’s no religion higher than truth, that only the knowledge of TRUTH can release man and give him back to the Divine Absolute. There he’ll become One with God. Only then man will understand that he is embraced by God and God is alive, eternal, allmighty and omniscient in each man, as divine spirit.

All that I’m telling you will happen and many of you will convince yourself in those times of beginning of pains and trials, and all that I’m saying now will be found out by you later, even if the world will persist not to believe it.

In those times will appear those pure men, endowed with extraordinary divine graces about whom it has been spoken 2000 years ago. Those having a high spiritual level of conscience, which in those times will successfully pass through different hard trials, will represent a clean, wise and holy third worthy of God illumination. In those times to come, Romania will become and will remain a heavenly garden of divine bless, of love, of happiness, of purity and wisdom, the perfect place for a spiritual life to lead. An elevated and pure life supported by sublime living in fast and meditation, in spirit and truth, just like in the first Christians’ times. Happy countries and happy people are the chosen ones to lives among Romanians, because many of them will enjoy the immense kindness of God.

As Indian, I infer that Good God wants to choose between all peoples, the most humiliated one, the most terrible hard tried by the hostility of strong ones. Often exploited, threatened, invaded, terrorized, sold and bought, at almost every war being the bargain market between those who went on war. The medley of distinct appearances of this people comprises the best virtues of each nation, assimilated in his soul imbued with love and kindness. This is a hospitable people, having an elevated shade to set as a perfect sample of universal combination of divine qualities, having a right raison and an admirable faith.
The Romanians are also the most advisable people in the world, thanks to their select compassion and selfless love to offer material and spiritual hospitality to all peoples all over the earth surface.

The VII-th Ecumenical Synod will take place in Romania, and the main mission for spreading in Asia the really spiritual Christianism is given to Russian people, but it will have no interference in influencing other peoples, in latest times,.
The power the rest of peoples will be flogged with, wherever the punishment will be necessary, will be given to Chinese people-yellow race- and to Japanese people, which, also, will be the whip of God punishment.

After the end of the terrible armed strife staying ahead you, all weapons will be thrown or abandoned, as a new kind of war, „of the soul”, will begin. This will be a war without physical weapons, for the spiritual perfection, for the true faith in God, which, apparently, will use no weapons. It’ll be, in fact, one hundred times more dangerous and difficult than the armed one.

In future, the pope power will gradually disappear and a new synod leadership will rise having the residence first at Rome, temporarily, than at Bucharest, in the „New Jerusalem”, for ever. In that future, those who will be looking for Spiritual perfection will be one thousand times happier, living in total trust in God, because times will be very agitated and awful and only those caressed, inspired and fed by the Holy Spirit will bear them.

What I’m saying you that will come take care, are the second pain and the second heaven, because you passed through the first pain without lamentation. In those times, the chair of the final judgment will be felt and seen by all humankind over Romania and in the great holy city, Bucharest symbolically named the „New Jerusalem”. Somehow, that will be the work of almost the whole world. Designed after a God inspired plan, there will be built the most monumental spiritual abode for communion with God, called the Supreme Divine Centre, that will have very spiritually developed representatives from all peoples, constituting the Illuminated Watch?men Brotherhood, which will be selected among sages. And The Supreme Divine Centre will comprise 101 smaller centres, properly ordered, where the most representative sages, very advanced, will convey the Divine and Eternal truth both practically and theoretically to most of the peoples on earth. This architectural work will be the masterpiece of the sublime cooperation of all earth styles, cleverly disposed in a magnificent matchless work. The wise servants of these spiritual abodes in the „New Jerusalem” will be spiritually perfect and very beautiful from physical point of view, with bodies of seraphic harmony and size. All the 114 thousand sages, illuminated, pure and honest will be the expression of the complete spiritual perfection and of an exquisite divine perfection on this earth. The illuminated watchmen with seraphic bodies full of purity will count 400. The others who will guide the ring?disposed centres, also very spiritual in seraphic bodies will count 101. In this unique place of the world, there will be seen great illuminated and sages who in some moments will materialize themselves and speak to the men on earth, eager to learn the Divine mysteries of the spirit. All those who will enter this Divine Centre will surprisingly understand quite easily that they are divine children of God. Happy will be all those to pass across Romania and breath the air there, for all countries will be invaded by pilgrims, desirous to discover the Divinity and all the sacred places of this country will become sublimed centers of illumination and of the divine truth.

That Supreme Divine Center will be easily able to comprise two million peoples. That work will be done in 10 years, because, even that the Divine Center will be finished in 5 years, the complete rearrangement of the city around will be finished 5 years later. Around the city there will be gardens of best quality fertile ground, where except the various vegetables, there will grow and crop plenty of fruit trees, so that its inhabitants will have no lacks. The harvests there will be abundant. Many mechanical roads and moving pavements will considerably ease the traffic, and some special invented mechanisms will lighten the inhabitant’s life, and the access to these places. Many new aerial machines will be at the service of this model city and all the latest technology, to ease the life, will be here. This city will have four access roads, and there will be four monumental access gates.

In Romania a channel to join the Black Sea with the Danube will be built, which will function normally, and also another channel which will join the Danube with the great reconstructed city of Bucharest, enabling the ships, even very big ones, to reach this wonder city. All these works will be completed thanks to the divine plan, in the future. The agriculture, viticulture, fruit growing and bee-keeping will be honorable occupations because in this chosen country the sacrifice of cattle will cease and there will mainly be consumed cereals, vegetables and fruits, milk and cheese, eggs and only pure wine. The bee-keeping will be the most honorable occupation, because this chosen country will appreciate honey and the beehive products, using for divine sacrifice only pure bee wax and edible oil of best quality. Tobacco, coffee and other poisons so injurious to man health, will no longer be looked for, and the inveterate and vicious ones will simply leave this country. The wizards, the smokers, the drunkards, the profligates, the criminals, also the lazybones ones, not compelled, but voluntarily, will give up these satanical occupations and these vices will lessen and finally disappear for good. Each citizen of this country, chosen by God to be example, will earn his daily bread working in honorable ways, according to his possibilities and his native mission. The times of exploitation, terror, fraud and oppression will set in this country. Each citizen of this chosen people will rejoice the bless and divine graces, many of them being gifted with wisdom and various powers to do miracles.
All the gifts will overflow over this chosen country, which will have the noble mission of spiritual restoration of the whole world.

All the airways, maritime and street ways quite favorable, Romania will be one of the most prosperous and abundant countries, living in peace with all its neighbors. Basarabia will rejoin Romania forever, because Russian people will honor this chosen country and will give in this province which generated many conflicts in the past. But in further future, all the neighboring territories of Romania will fuse, and join together in the European States Federation, which peoples had thought about long time before.

Everything that I’ve told you now must to be fulfilled because it is true and everything that I’m telling you will convince you when all these happen. In those future times, the Russian people, full of love, will come to help the work that Romania is bound to fulfill in the world. But, before all these, there will be starvation in many places, with no bread; there will be great earthquakes that will cause many victims and in many places over the world men will disappear under ruins. That will make hard to remind the traces of some cities swept away. Wars, panic and all kinds of misunderstandings will determine great powers, like Russia, to fall, to the happiness of the little countries it is made of. The atheists will begin to study the holy scriptures and will concern themselves to understand the science of spirit, searching to discover all that is hidden in man.
Due to those researches, a new drift will occur in the life of some peoples. In many places over the world, there will emerge starvation.

In order all these wraths pass as fast as possible or not to let them be that terrible, God inspires me to give you a piece of advice: all nations and people be united for your perfection. Be as conciliating as possible, forgive each other and spend as much as possible the energies to reach the freedom in God and the eternal happiness. Make it all now and here, in this life and don’t postpone the spiritual perfection for another reincarnation. Doing all that you can do and acting with perseverance, every one of you can be saved. To speed up the building of the New Jerusalem, build yourself through love, purity and Holy Spirit. Do well and therefore allow your inner self to appear in your hearts and uproot there the untruth, the selfishness and the passion for destruction which, if exceeded lead man to destruction. In the future, this spiritual construction will require a lot of work.

The sublime worship set as example to the whole world will be expressed in the concerted efforts of those who are chosen and pure. Men who are simply and fair in their hearts, filled with love for God, will much faster spiritualize if they have an intense spiritual living, paying less attention to material things.

Ever the poor in wishes are rich in satisfaction. Overwhelmingly happy those who will live in God Spirit. Especially they will see that the simplicity and purity of life doesn’t mean inner poverty, but exactly opposite, an amazing spiritual treasure.

Those who are simple and good have an unexpected spiritual superiority. Many are the secrets of the human soul and these are very hard to decipher for he who doesn’t appeal to the self-knowledge. The human being cannot discover his Creator and can understand not even a bit of His deeds, unless he discovers himself in the hidden depths of his being. To reach the divine perfection, every man must strive to himself as deep as possible. All the material accumulations are gone at the physical death of man, but the spiritual features and the experiences remain in spirit, for eternity.

The unshaken faith in the Supreme Divine is the secret of the immortal existence in spirit. The faith makes the inner power become unlimited, helping it to be perfect by union with God, in eternity. By the beneficial, steady faith, man can reach the divine happiness.

Jesus said: „If you have faith just as much as a mustard grain, you will accomplish everything and you will say to this mountain to throw itself in the sea and the mountain will throw itself”. By these words we are revealed the mystery of the power of faith.

Truth is in those times to come, all over the earth, but few will have faith, and those who will have no faith at all will be already dead, no matter they stay alive physically, for they have ceased to have a conscious relation with God. The one steady in his faith, even in the physical life, finds out that all miracles are possible to him, and so he can rest himself free from matter and its laws and become all powerful in his spiritual living, which will reveal God Himself to him. By the power of beneficial faith God’s gifts are raising in man.

By the power of faith man convince himself why he must do good deeds and he gets to passionately wish that, acting like this as much as possible, just like his Creator.

Due to his relentless faith, the infinite heavenly powers are always helping him and from that point on, man’s inner life begins to be happier and happier.

Through the agency of chosen Romanian people, Good God will speak to men all over the world, sending those who are chosen among this people to help other human beings, to help them grow to a superior life and to the divine perfection.
For Heavenly Father every human soul is very precious, because in its essence, there is a „spark” of God, under the guise of the Spirit.

If man will get to strongly believe that all his powers and help come from God, then he will subdue his entire being to the Divine. Only then does man’s spiritual life reveal unlimited resources of abnegation and love and many good qualities like obedience, humility, devoutness, diligence, mother wit, gratitude, respect, hope. All these and many others blossom due to faith. Otherwise, how would you love something that doesn’t exist and how would you be obedient, if you haven’t got the steady conviction of the existence of that Divine Power to whom you subdue yourself, or whom you want to manifest your gratitude? Many people say they have no faith, but then it’s their negative, destructive belief that they confess.

In such cases the existence of the opposite belief is proven by negation itself. The degree of faith grows or diminishes by man’s behavior in various situations.

Everything I told you here is completely true and in the times to come, the country chosen by Good Lord will be the centre of the spiritual restoration on earth.

The countless wonders, which will be done in this country and the mysteries to be revealed in these places, will propel peoples of the world to search quite endeavored for God’s mysteries.

In Romania, God will make possible some great miracles, for those who are chosen to discover Him and for the atheists to return to faith as soon as possible.

In this chosen people of Romanians, God has put a warm and loving heart, the nature of men being open to easily discover the path to perfection, almost everyone being able to enlighten other peoples due to the divine graces they are blessed with.

In those future times, the Romanian people, preacher of divine wisdom, will be a hospitable host, full of love, which will express no slyness, and all over the country there will be a perplexing abundance, for all pilgrims to come to be satiated.

The headquarters of the International Red Cross will be at Bucharest, in the New Jerusalem, because the discoveries of these people in the field of medicine and health will be extraordinary and again this country will be number one in the world. Still, in Romania there will be philanthropic and administrative organizations, absolutely new, like never before on earth, of divine inspiration, which will pursuit to arise man’s hidden powers and amplify his spiritual divine endowments.

The Jewish people will be the last to withstand the beneficial growing influence of the Romanian people, knowing of Divine Mysteries. But at the end of this idea struggle it will become convinced that the truth sustained by the Romanian people the same with God’s and then it will no longer fight Divinity.

The ones guided by the Holy Spirit and the great illuminated ones in some parts of the earth will also confess the reality of the truth preached by the Romanian people and will confirm it with all their power.

But before that, this chosen country will pass through great worries, which will put harsh trials on it.

This chosen people will have to pass through three great trials. The end of these trials will be pointed out by a planetary disaster caused by earthquakes that will frighten almost the entire world. Also, in those times the very rich ones will lose their fortunes. In those future times, there will be two sorts of building in the chosen territory of Romania: spiritual and material.
In those future times, the rulers of the world will join to realize a global convention for mutual help and centralize the monetary system to conduct as well as possible the administrative life at the level of the entire planet. In those future times, there will be a unified army, educated on universal purposes, having an international status.

The Indian people will be happy to discover and help the Romanian people in his planetary mission. Due to the friendships to all countries around the world, Romania will miraculously remain untouched by the war conjunctures.

In the times to come, the North and Middle America will actually became a mammoth graveyard. This is going to be right in the eve of some huge plans of domination, which will pursuit the supremacy over the whole planet.

Solely England will stay by itself in action and will be the only one to oppose these beautiful ideas at a global scale, but its opinion will not be taken into account, because short time after it will only own its islands. Its belonging colonies will be totally liberated in the future.

Even if you are amazed by what I have told you, no one should be surprised of what is going to happen, because everybody has what he deserves, and finally the right, the truth and the spiritual light will prevail.

Although the bugles of truth will sound everywhere, it’s particularly on the New Jerusalem territory, which is Romania, that it will be carried out the fieriest fight.