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The Kogaion’s Protocoles
The Kogaionon ‘s Protocoles
The Kogaion Mountain’s Protocoles
– theses and hypotheses –
registered and authentified by
Ion Coja
in order to understand and to correctly
evaluate the Romanian-Jewish dispute
including the – what some people call-
Romanian Holocaust
translated by:
Carolina Maier
The Vatra Romaneasca Union
Tara Noastra Publishing House
Bucharest, 2004
ISBN 973 -9132-75-7
There will come a time when this people ,
now punished by God for its disobedience
and for its opposition to everything that’s good,
to everything that this people has ever been
in times past, will surely acknowledge God’s
descent upon earth, which this people has
neither been able nor has been willing to receive.
Because one thing is very sure: the Jews will
become Christians, in the end.
Antonie Plamadeala
Metropolitan of the Romanian
Orthodox Metropolitan Church
of Transylvania
Taking into account
the fact that Jewish personalities, important and representative for the world Jewry, have repeatedly made explicit declarations by means of which they accuse the Romanian authorities, the Romanian people, of genocide, of the killing of hundreds of thousands of Jews, in the years 1939-1944,
this way, that these accusations represent from now on, the official point of view of the Izraelian government, and of the international Jewish community, including the B’nai B’rith,
Learning that
on the basis of these accusations, never proven to be true, there are, nonetheless, claims made upon exhorbitant material compensations, of tens of billions of dollars, which the Romanians would have to pay to some Jewish organizations which have no connection with the so called Romanian Holocaust victims,
Becoming aware
of the „deadly” danger which such accusations and claims raised upon us, represent for us, Romanians,
indignation and revolt towards the posture into which we are cast, as a nation unjustly aggressed by the international Jewish community which pushes us with our backs against the wall,
We see ourselves compelled and entitled to renounce
the caucious ways in which we, Romanians , have so far answered such accusations, as an act of legitimate defence, and
Bring to everybody’s attention , the following Romanian theses and hypotheses,
The whole responsibility
for what follows below, belonging to those who, out of a vile intention, or out of an incapacity to think judiciously, have invented and have propagated with the help of the media, the lie about an existing Holocaust and the atrocious sufferance of the Jews living in Romania.
The Holocaust – between Mythology and Juridical Rigour
The great tragedy of the anti-Jewish Holocaust, of the Shoah, is an a-typical historic event, which involved a lot of individuals , institutions, governments and states, as well as various ideals, doctrines, theories. The integral truth about those who are guilty of this horrible crime must be established, as such, integrally, no matter how painful the price of establishing this truth might be today, and this, not only out of the need to activate the idea of justice, but also in order to take, on an international level, the necessary measures to ensure that in the future, the world will not pass through similar events.
Given the gravity of the accusation, we also think that in this situation, no human instance could decide upon someone’s guilt without profoundly respecting the rules of human decency and those of juridical probation, in the name of scientific investigation.
According to us , these rules have not always been respected, particularly not by those who , in the most recent years, have been accusing the Romanian people of having committed an Antisemitic genocide, a Holocaust.
In the same order of ideas, it is not correct to reject an accusation without an unemotional and an impartial examination of the proofs and and arguments that it is based upon.
From the vantage point of these principles, the Holocaust trial, launched with a retard which is hard to justify, is /far from having been closed as it is also far from having pronounced final and incontestable sentences concerning the guilt and and its degree for those people who were involved in the so tragical historical events which represented the context and the substance of the fenomenon that took place in the interval of 1939-1945 and was called the Holocaust.
Before calling the Holocaust a chapter of the last century or even a chapter in modern mythology , the Holocaust should have been researched strictly juridically, from the point of view of the penal and civil right, in order to establish in the first place, on an individual level, every person’s degree of implication and guilt , so as to distinguish correctly between criminals and victims. Although regrettably late, it is still not too late for this approach to be put into practice, while important witnesses are still alive.
Such a witness is King Michael I of Romania, who was the chief of the Romanian State between 1940 -1947, and who, in as far as we know, was not disturbed to this day, by any of these organizations or individuals who accuse the Romanian governments leading the country in those years, of killing hundreds of thousands of Jews. There are a lot of questions to which the crucial answer for establishing the truth can come only from the king. Furthermore, this king has had official responsibilities in that period which make him responsible, in complete solidarity with Marshal Antonescu , for a whole series of anti-Jewish abuses and vexations, this being the situation, of course, only in the case in which, those accusations launched by the Holocaust activists against the Romanian people, will prove to be true.We consider it to represent a suspect attitude , the fact that , these accusations, systematically avoid referring to King Michael. Against our will, we get the impression that these accusations against the king , will never be pronounced as long as the king is still alive, and can defend himself.
We consider – as a matter of principle – that the material claims which the Jewish „part” formulates , starting with Elie Wiesel and others
eiusdem farinae, compel us to radically simplify our perspective upon the Holocaust, to abandon our moral and emotional approach to the Holocaust, and to automatically reduce the Holocaust problematics to a trial led for claiming damages, whose rules of development cannot be others than those already known , rigorously respecting the juridical principles and procedures , already accepted and practiced in the whole civilized world. According to this type of jurisdiction and its practices , before formulating a request for material damages, the authorities performing the act of justice are compelled to bring the documentation which demonstrates the reality and the identity both of the victims and of the assassins. Nota bene: it is not the historians’ duty but that of the court of justice to examine the proofs and the documents forwarded by the claimants. Without the documents and the proofs required by the juridical practice in such cases, the claims on material damages are null and void.
From the very beginning we stress the fact that the claimants(the” Jewish part”) could not present to this day a list with the victims of a Holocaust in Romania and this, under the condition that all the archives of the Jewish community in Romania , living in those years, have been transported to Izrael and have remained inaccessible to historians, to honest Jewish historians, included.
At this point we can draw only one conclusion : the papers and the documents existing in the Romanian Jewish community ‘s archives contradict the Holocaust thesis and contradict the claims to material damages formulated by some Jewish circles , fact for which , the access to these archives is practically forbidden..
But mention must be made of the fact that this reason – the reason for which they hide the truth – dishonors the Jewish authorities, it dishonors the Jewish state itself , it dishonors the whole Jewish community which loses its right to incriminate us in the name of the Holocaust. It is a great injustice , more exactly an abjection , to accuse someone of having committed the most odious crime and at the same time to hide in full awareness of fact , the evidence which prooves the innocence of the accused. Only in this way can be interpreted the embarrassing striving of our „adversaries” to stop at all costs – the cost of their honor included – our access to our archives in which we hope to find the proof of our innocence. The proof of our parents’ innocence.
We add to the above, the always forgotten „detail” that the corpses of the 400.000 forever invoked victims, have never been found. Although, after the war , mass graves with Jews killed by Romanians have never been found, and no installation either , which could have made those 400.000 corpses disappear, the historians upholding the Holocaust theory , don’t deign to explain why there is no material trace of the human hecatomb which has produced 400.000 victims and their corpses. So far, we neither know the names of their victims nor have we found their corpses. The only thing that is known is the astronomic size of claimed damages and financial compensations. We make our point, repeating here once more: according to basic juridical principles, those people who raise claims to reimbursements , must also bring the proof that the incriminated facts have truly taken place. Without death certificates , without the existing corpses of the people claimed to have been killed , and without even knowing the names of the victims and the assassins, nobody can take seriously the Jewish claims to indemnification!
The juridical procedure is incomplete and totally inconclusive.
We mention here the fact that in Bessarabia and Bucovina there have been found mass graves , with people killed between 1940-1944.Only that the victims were Romanians, victims of mass assassinations, partially committed by Jewish fellow citizens.
When the Jews have been truly victims , of the Hungarian occupants, of the Horthysts, in North-Western Transsyslvania at Sarmasul, and in other places , their corpses have been found and identified , the same as their assassins. And we can mention here only a few hundred Jews and not hundreds of thousands of Jews. We repeat : out of the 400.000 Jews which are said to have been killed by Romanians, the number of identified corpses do not represent even 1(one) to one thousand!