„And we, the Jews, are and remain grateful to the Romanian people”

The Holocaust in Romania – A Riskful Lie for Zionists

When they decided to ask their leaders to accuse Romania of participating in the Holocaust against their people, the illicitly speculating Jews took a wrong and extremely risky decision. By doing this, they put themselves in disagreement not only with the existing facts and the existing documents, but also with the declarations of the most important Jews who had been living in Romania, in those years: 1940-44. The Romanian Holocaust accusation was pronounced specifically in the beginning of the 1990-ties..Until then, the generally dominating opinion had been formulated by Wilhelm Filderman and by Moshe Carmilly Weinberger , namely that ‚Romania had been an „oasis” of peace and salvation for Jews, in the Nazi times’. (I have quoted Randolph Braham…).

Wilhelm Filderman , being considered in those times „the most important Jew in Europe”, had been the leader of the Romanian Jews until 1945. He declared in front of the Geneva High Court of Justice, in 1955, that:

„At the time of Hitler’s domination in Europe, I was in close touch with Marshal Antonescu. He did all he could in order to soften the fate of the Jews exposed to the German Nazi persecution. I have to underline that the Romanian people are not Antisemitic, and that the vexations which the Jews suffered in Romania, were the workings of the German Nazis.

I have witnessed some moving scenes of solidarity between Romanians and Jews in moments of critical pressure coming from the Nazi Empire in Europe.

Marshal Antonescu has successfully resisted the Nazi pressure which was imposing severe measures against the Jews . I should like to remind you only of the following two examples:

– Thanks to the Marshal’s energetic intervention was stopped the deportation of about 20.000 Jews from Bukowina. He gave blank passports to the Jews coming from Hungary, whose lives were put in peril by the Nazi terror.

– Thanks to his politics , the Jews’ belongings and property were kept under the regime of transitory administration, which, by means of the impression created that they were given to other people, was in fact preserving them in order to be returned to the owner, at the right moment.

I mention these aspects in order to underline the fact that the Romanian people, in as far as it has had, even in a limited manner, the control of its own country, has demonstrated sentiments of humanity and of political moderation.”

Wilhelm Filderman took this position several times , either in a written form or during various conferences he gave.

Unequivocal is also the position of Moshe Carmilly Weinberger , former Chief Rabbi of Cluj, a city placed in those days(1940-1944) under Hungarian administration:


„At a time when the world was looking on, untouched by the sight of the destruction of European Jewry, Romania stayed open for the Jewish refugees and was ready to open for them its harbours.The Jewry lost 6 million of its members; the world lost its humanity as well as its Christian love for their next. On the other hand, the Romanian people tried to save its belief in humanity. And we, the Jews, are and remain grateful to the Romanian people , for this fact”.

Rabbi Moshe Carmilly has had the chance to know directly the fate of the Transylvanian Jews , some of them living under the Budapest administration, and its Horthy regime, the others, living under the Bucharest administration, and Marshal Ion Antonescu’s governance.

Explicitely and openly Ion Antonescu has refused to allow that the Romanian Jews should be deported to Auschwitz and to other Nazi concentration camps.While the Hungarian government has deported to Auschwitz several hundred thousand Jews.

The same positive assertions pervade in the witness accounts of Alexander Shafran, Chief Rabbi of Romania in those years, in the written accounts of Jewish writers like Marius Mircu, Vassili Grossman, Mina-Grunberg, of Siegfrid Jagendorf, the lieder of the Jews deported to Transnistria.

Why So Much Lying? Israel in Romania.

The antiromanian Zionist propaganda claims that there were three moments when the Romanian antisemitism acquired criminal forms and dimensions:

– during the Bucharest Pogrom, in January 1941, when there were registered 126 victims, including the well known Jews „killed” in the Bucharest Slaughter House. The authors of this pogrom are considered to have been the Legionnaires.

It was proven, however, that in reality, the so called „rebellion” had been a diversion set up by the Communist Party Jews , supported by Moscow, in order to discredit the Legionnaires and to remove them from the leadership of the country.

– the Jassy pogrom from June 1941 . This time there have existed real victims, namely Jews who were killed as a punishment for their collaboration with the Soviet enemy from the very first hours of the war. There were two cathegories of Jews punished for their acts of treason : Jews arrested by the Romanian police in Jassy and Jews arrested by the German military police in Jassy. The Jews arrested by the Romanian police were judged and condemned to imprisonement, and in August 1944, they were all set free. I repeat: all the Jews arrested by the Romanian police in Jassy in June 1941, were alive in August 1944 and set free. Victims were only among those Jews arrested by the German military police.After the war there were two trials dealing with the Jassy pogrom: one in Haifa, the other in Cernauti. With the same result: the identification and the condemnation of the guilty people. There was no Romanian among them. Only German military people were there.

The Jew Minei Grunberg has written in 1971 a book , as a conclusion to some historical research, according to which, he has found out that the number of Jewish victims in Jassy was around 500… After 1990, the rabbi Moses Rosen has „corrected” this number and has established that there have been over „10.000” dead people. These people’s corpses have not been discovered till today.

The Jassy pogrom was real, even if after 1990 they swelled up the numbers of its victims.

But it is no less true that various Jews had broken the laws of the war and thereby had exposed themselves to a major risk. It is very probable that because of the disloyal gesture of some crazy Jews, others, especially innocent Jews, had to pay for these misdeeds. But this is still another problem..

On the 21-st of June1941, Romania has entered the war against the Soviet Union, for the liberation of Bessarabia , Romanian territory which had been robbed by Russia in 1940.

In this war , Romania was confronted with a „Jewish” problem, in itself shameful for the Jews in our country: out of about 1 million Jews living in Romania, the majority of them didn’t hide their attachment for Moscow and for communism. And thousands of Romanian Jews have actually conspired or have literally fought against Romania, a country in which they had been living for several generations.

The attachment which a lot of the Romanian Jews had shown for the Soviet Union, in particular those Jews living in Moldavia and Bessarabia, had compelled the Romanian authorities to take special measures against them. Among which was also the law forbidding to draft Jews in the Romanian army, because one could not rely upon their loyalty. In other words , the Jews were exempted from fighting in the war, they were forbidden to go and die on the front , to die at the turn of the Don or to die fighting for Stalingrad.

In return , they were asked for an increased material contribution to the war expenditures , something that the Jews interpret to this day as a discrimination and an abuse on the part of the Romanian authorities while declaring themselves the victims of an anti-Jewish legislation.

Nota bene: 800.000 Romanians have died in WW2. Among them was not to be found even one of the one million Jews residing in Romania at the time!……..

However , about 300.000 Jews died in the Holocaust organized by the Romanians in Transnistria. At least this is the official thesis upheld by the Jews , but without bringing at least one serious proof concerning:

– the Antonescu Government’s intention to produce a genocide , that is to provoke a massive death of Jews

– the performing of executions en masse or of other events which could have caused the death of such a big number of persons

– In other words, not only the documents proving the production or the intention to produce a genocide, are missing, but the traces of such a carnage, are absent as well..

How terrifying: the corpses of the victims are missing! There is no material trace left behind, of this so called genocide! Not even one credible witness declaration, coming from a genuine witness. No attestation in the Romanian Jewish press or in any document produced by the Jewish Community in 1940-45.

On the contrary, genuine witnesses , involved in the events, like Jagendorf and Grossman, have left behind detailed written accounts, describing a regime of protection granted to the Romanian Jews displaced to Transnistria.

In order to understand the situation which had led to the deportation of the Romanian Jews to

Transnistria, it is necessary to know the following historical context.

In the summer of 1940, the Eastern part of Romania, namely the provinces of Bessarabia and Bukowina, were forcefully and brutally occupied by the Soviet Union, as a consequence of the Molotow-Ribbentrop Pact made in 1939. The Soviet invasion has brought about a great tragedy for the Romanian people living in those regions. Many of them have been assassinated or deported to Siberia. In these regions were living also very numerous Jews.

Unfortunately, the great majority of the Jews have joined the Soviet occupant and have committed violent , criminal attacks against the Romanians, against their Romanian neighbours and colleagues, with an unbelievably wild aggressiveness, which surpassed even the quite well known Russian cruelty.

In June 1941 Romania enters the war against the USSR to free Bessarabia and in a few months it succeeds to chase the Russians away. These Russians were joined by thousands of Jews in their refuge to Russia , especially by Jews who knew themselves to be under the risk to be judged and punished for the crimes they had committed during the 12 months of Russian occupation.

The rest of the Jews who had remained in Bessarabia and Bukowina , were deported to Transnistria for two reasons:

– to be protected from the local people’s fury , from those Romanians’ revolt, who had suffered so much from those Jews who had collaborated with the Russian occupant.

– to reassure the Romanian authorities that the Jews will not be able to undertake acts of sabotaje behind the front . The Jews’ lack of loyalty towards the Romanian state , towards the Romanian people , had been demonstrated to have functioned excessively. Nobody could have trusted any longer the Bessarabian Jews.

Together with these Jews were deported to Transnistria, along with their families, also Jews from other places, Jews who were known to be members of the Communist Party or agents of the Allies.

The Jews who were deported to Transnistria were Jews upon which it was most probable that

the fury and vengefulness of those Romanians would be unleashed , who were coming from Bessarabia and Bucowina , retaliating for how much sufferance the Jews had inculcated upon the Romanian population living there, once the Soviet Union had occupied those two Romanian provinces(June 1940 – June 1941) .Once they were deported to Transnistria, the Jews went from a bad situation to a worse situation, needing now to be protected by the Romanian police from the local Ucrainans who wanted to kill any Jew in sight, after the years of criminal starvation („the Holodomor”) inflicted upon them in 1930-ties.

As it is well known, for this massive extermination by starvation of millions of Ucrainians , were accused the Bolshevic Jews, and this was not without reason.

The Jews don’t hurry to find out the number of Jews killed by the Ucraineans during the German occupation of the Ucraine.The opening of this subject would reveal to the public the criminal role played by the Jewish Soviet commissars in the tragedy inflicted upon the Ucraine in 1930. The role played by those Soviet Jewish commissars was decisive for producing the Holocaust induced upon the Ucrainean people.

After 1990 , Zionist historians have resorted to a complementary lie , in order to obtain a larger number of Jewish victims claiming that the Romanians have killed not only the Jews deported from Romania to Transnistria but that the Romanians have also killed the local Jews , who were Soviet and Ucrainean citizens.

Unfortunately , to the detriment of the Jews discussing the Holocaust, the Jews who supposedly died in Transnistria, have left no traces of their tragedy in discussion.Not even their own corpses. No common graves with these corpses have been discovered. Not even a small one, with 3-4 persons. To this objection – where are the almost 300.000 corpses? – the answers given by the reprezentatives of those who accuse us of these crimes , including those answers given in public debates on the television, answers given in full earnest, those answers claimed that „ the Jewish corpses had been eaten by dogs”!

Other Jews claim that other Jews have had a better „fate”, „their corpses had been eaten by other Jews”, having turned crazy with the hunger which was endemic in the Transnistrian camps.

Thusly, to the question where are the corpses of the Jews killed in Transnistria, about 300.000 corpses, the zionist answer is „the corpses have disappeared because they have been eaten”! Many of them have been eaten by the other Jews who could survive only in this way.The rest of the corpses have been eaten by various animals: dogs , rats, vultures, ravens, wolves, hienas… There was no need left for common graves.

This is their level of seriousness when discussing the accusation of genocide, the gravest accusation which can be brought to a human being, to a people.

Nota bene: the Jews who have engaged in this activity of slandering the Romanian people are few in number, and have a very low intellectual level. Even if they pretend to be historians and specialists , until 1990 they were busy practicing the Communist propaganda, Marxist-Leninist by source, in its essence based upon lies. Having been left without occupation after 1990, they have discovered another lie,on which to cash in and thrive, namely the Holocaust in Romania., They are loosing ground at this time, because of their loss of credibility.They accept no public debate on the subject of the Holocaust , and, helped by corrupt politicians, they try to introduce a regime of terror, of ostracizing their opponent in ideas, producing laws which they have copied from the West, laws which condemn deniers of the Holocaust produced by Nazi Germany.

This subject – the Nazi Holocaust is quasi- unknown to us. I know only that , in spite of the innumerable Hollywood movies made by great regisseurs , this Holocaust is contested by some anonymous engineers. We do not want to have anything to do with this story, to the same extent that Ion Antonescu refused to send Romanian Jews to the Nazi camps.”Each people with its own Jews” told them Marshall Antonescu. This is also our principle: each of us is responsible for the Holocaust that he is accused of!

The greatest mistake that the inventors of the Transnistrian Holocaust in Romania, have made, consists in the fact that for us, the non-existence of this Transnistrian Holocaust is easy to demonstrate. And once the idea of the Transnistrian Holocaust is rejected, many will conclude that, as a reflex gesture they could deny or at least doubt that the Nazi Holocaust , the German Holocaust, has ever existed.This is called , in Romanian, Tu l’as voulu , George Dandin!….It is not our fault if our texts will be useful also to other adversaries of Zionism.

We, being those who deny the Transnistrian Holocaust, don’t need to resort to a technical expertize, based upon laborious engineering knowledge, however insufficiently conclusive like the one about the gaschambers , the Auschwitz or Buchenwald incinerating ovens, might be, etc ..We are in the comfortable situation to deny the capacity of Transnistrian dogs to devour 300.000 Jewish corpses.. It is an easy task for us ! Because one cannot other than notice that the Jews contradict each other , some of them claiming that they were constrained to eat stray dogs to appease their hunger…Others were claiming that , because of their hunger , they were cnstrained to eat anything, the corpses of dead Jews included.

We find it a lot easier to deny the Transnistrian Holocaust than it is for those who deny the existence of the gaschambers or the capacity of the ovens in Ausschwitz to burn millions of corpses. This situation places us against our will, in the avangarde of the negationists. This is a posture which we have not chosen but where the stupidity and the imprudence of Zionists brought us because they accused us of having done something we haven’t done.

God will punish the Jews because they found it hard to show gratitude for the traditional Romanian humanity, which they have enjoyed not only in the times of the European Holocaust. Those Jews who know the truth and who, instead of showing the truth , instead of showing us gratitude so as together , Romanians and Jews , to save from forgetfulness the innumerable ”moving solidarity scenes between Romanians and Jews in the most difficult moments of the Nazi empire in Europe”, those epigones of Filderman and Carmilly Veinberger competed with each other to invent abject scenes , paranoic, odious , veritable infamies , putting to shame the very name of „man” , of „Jew”!

The names of these people, among whom there were not only Jews, are not even worth mentioning in this text.

But the most odious scam that the upholders of a theory claiming the existence of a Transnistrian Holocaust and of a Romanian genocide, stooped to construct, was to destroy , to steal or to hide the documents reflecting the real situation of the Jews in Romania at that time.We are reaching at this point the most scandalous chapter of the diversion called the Romanian Holocaust.

There has existed a rich, active press produced by the Jews in those years. That press , after 1990 , could not be consulted by anybody any longer. Nobody knows where it has been hidden. Until 1990 it had been left in the custody of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Romania. But since a few good years, the wartime Jewish press and that of the years which have followed upon the war, has been impossible to consult by anybody. And this is so because in the press contemporary to those events , there is no writing to be found telling about a genocide or a Holocaust , that is of tens of thousands of Jews assassinated in Transnistria, on a treadmill.

One cannot discuss a subject of recent history, a subject of such dimensions like a genocide , without having access to documents. And from among the documents, the press contemporary to the events under examination, has a first rank value as an information source. One cannot carry out a study , a report upon the Holocaust in Romania , without researching in the press of those times the echo to such a tragedy, the reports rendering the facts directly , introducing us to the witness accounts given by those victims , or informations given by various other types of reports..Nevertheless, mercenary historians who have produced the well known Elie Wiesel „report” upon this subject, were not in the least disturbed by this fact that they were denied access to the Jewish press contemporary to those events.

In this order of thought, at a certain point, the existence of a Journal was discovered in Paris, written by Wilhelm Filderman himself….What a historical document this is, of inestimable value! This Journal, according to its author’s intentions , was destined to come into the Romanian Academy’s possession, upon the author’s death. But it landed in Tel Aviv because the Mossad stole the manuscript of Wilhelm Filderman’s Journal and nobody is allowed to read it ever since , not even the Jewish „historians” dedicated to the study of the Holocaust. Nota bene, let’s not forget the detail which gives the greatest value possible to this Journal: its author was many long years , the leader of the Jewish Community living in Romania. Not even a person like Filderman can be quoted as a witness to the Jewish sufferance in those years? Is it acceptable to hide the declarations of this witness by means of a terrorist activity exerted by the State of Israel?

Another Zionist roguery . Immediately after the war, in 1945, the Jewish World Congress has acted in the most rational and most correct way possible: it has put together a questionnaire with about one hundred questions, regarding the Jewish sufferance in Romania under Antonescu’s government. The questions were conceived in such a way as for no aspect to be left unregisterd or unconfirmed by history , no aspect describing the painful chapter of the Jewish sufferances endured by the poor Jews during the war. Everything imaginable that could be included in this subject , was frmulated among its questions.

The questionnaire took on the shape of a brochure A5, with 20 pages , called The File of A Jewish Family’s Sufferances. In this way there were collected many tens of thousands of files , a first rate informative material in terms of its authenticity. Because , upon the basis of that material, upon the basis of the honest declarations of hundreds of thousands of Jews , directly implicated in the events , one could not prove the existence of any genocide , of any Holocaust, that whole basic archive was destroyed after 1990.

And the last odious trick we want to mention here: whenever the Zionists are constrained to acqnowledge the fact that Ion Antonescu was correct to the Jews, they claim that when he saw that Hitler was going to loose the war, Antonescu understood that he was going to be made accountable for his acts after the war, in cautious anticipation, he changed also his treatment of the Jews.

There is something true in this idea because indeed, Ion Antonescu was aware of the fact that, the moment peace would be established, he would be drawn to account for his decisions, no matter what the final conclusions of the war might have been. Fact for which, he put together two cases full of documents concerning his government’s politics towards the Jews. These documents, instead of landing in the National Archives, were forcefully confiscated by the Soviets after the war, and held secret. Professor Gheorghe Buzatu , who knew about the existence of these „cases” full of documents , tried to track them down during his Moscow visits. He did not succeed to find out what these documents contained , but he found out where they had landed after 1990 because the State of Israel , taking advantage of the total disorder dominating in the first months upon the collapse of the USSR, had bought them from their temporary custodian. Most probably, the price that was offered for such an acquisition, defeated any possible resistance. The Romanian people are left only with the hope that the Russians have managed to photocopy that treasure of information which the Russians had had no right to embezzle or alienate.

As a matter of fact, those documents are made inaccessible even for the Jewish historians specialized in the Holocaust. Why? Because it is not excluded that at a certain instant in time , one such historian will be overcome by shame, will get pangs of conscience and will reveal the historical truth.. Jean Ancel was only one step away from such an attempt.

The list of the documents destroyed by the Jewish activists claiming there was a Holocaust in Transnistria is a lot longer. We are talking of documents stating clearly that in Romania, in Transnistria, there has never existed a Holocaust. However, the efforts made by the Zionists, even by the State of Israel, to destroy the proofs of our innocence, are, in a sense, meaningless. Because we, Romanians, don’t need any proof for it. According to the rules of the game , it is not our duty , the duty of the Romanians , of the accused, to demonstrate that we have not killed 270.000 Jews but it is the obligation of the accusers to bring convincing arguments in order to uphold their accusations. Something that has not happened , to this day.


I couldn’t demonstrate, without a certain difficulty, that I didn’t kill JFKennedy, if someone were to accuse me of being his assassin. I would find it hard to prove that on that day I was not in Dallas. I cannot prove that I was in another part of the world. So I shall use an eternal juridical principle and I shall ask my accuser to prove it himself that I was in that place , in Dallas, on that day.

Basing myself upon this same principle, I shall ask my accuser to present us the proofs, to bring us their serious arguments which should demonstrate the indubitable reality of the Holocaust in Romania and the implicit Romanian people’s guilt resulting from it.

Ok, they were very skilled at destroying the proofs of our innocence! But this is not enough. Above all, they will have to bring the proofs demonstrating our culpability.

However, they came so far only with accusations , repeated for thousands of times over and over again in a mass-media which they control entirely.All they do is accuse and that’s it.They refuse any public confrontation of arguments and proofs. Because we have the innumerable proofs for their destroying and hiding of documents which disincriminate us. Documents which prove our guiltlessness! Proves for genuine crimes perpetrated today, in these times.Because there is no greater crime than to accuse someone of having committed a crime, someone about whom you know very well, to be innocent.

Let’s be clearly understood: the crimes that the Jews attribute to us, are fading , they look like little childish misdeeds as compared to the crimes perpetrated by Zionist Jews , which bring false accusations to the Romanians and do their best to hide the fact that the Romanians saved them in hard times, that the Romanians gave them a helping hand, very often risking a lot by doing so.

In short, those Jews who accuse us of genocide , without having a serious proof for it, we counter-accuse of committing perjury, of obstructing justice by obstructing the historical truth. And we have proofs for this, by the thousands! It’s true, they are not as many as the number of victims made among the Romanian people by the Zionist lies.


To conclude, we must answer a key question : what is it that could explain this aberrant behaviour , so unusual for human nature? What has determined the Jews – let’s say , some Jews – to deviate so dramatically from the morality of their own identity? From the principles illustrated along histroy, by other Jews, by very numerous Jews?

Those who have commented upon this question, have offered several explanations. Explanations, not justifications! One of them is never missing in any serious commentary on the Romanian – Jewish disputes. This is the so called ISRAEL IN ROMANIA project!

Recently , one of the Holocaust commentators claimed that the Romanian modern and contemporary history cannot be separated from Romanian anti-Semitism.

This is very true! But only partially true! Because we also have to mention the cause of this anti-semitism: the intention and the endeavour of world Jewry to build a Jewish state on Romania’s territory. This intention has begun to be manifested after 1829 when it has started to produce social and political events ,

Since 1829 to this day , the project Israel in Romania has brought about various historical events, some of them , major events, and in each case the Romanian people were their victims. The last time this happened, was in December 1989, whereupon the „revolution” and the „transition” years which have followed, performed Romania’s change of status, namely, from the status of a free state, Romania changed its status to that of a colony of the State of Israel, on the point of being fully accomplished nowadays.

We shall come back to this subject in our future writings, as it is the most painful subject in Romania’s modern history..

Ion Coja

Written in the name of The Anti-Wiesel Commission

15 August 2015