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20 septembrie 2017, 20:37
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am citit ultimul articol de pe site-ul dvs. am căutat cartea Who Brought the Slaves to America. am găsit-o în format electronic și v-o trimit și dvs. alăturat. cartea este publicată în State și nu cred cred că este o făcătură. are mai multe informații cam din Evul Mediu încoace. este o broșură de cca 15 pagini. dați-o mai departe.

Who Brought the Slaves to America?


„If everything you have printed in your booklet ‘WHO BROUGHT THE SLA VES TO AMERICA’ is TRUE, this becomes the most important information released to the public this century and it is my desire to see that every Black and White that we can reach receives a copy.”

L. C. S. Missouri

„The reading of ‘WHO BROUGHT THE SLAVES TO AMERICA’ and your appearances before Black groups throughout the country is unquestionably going to bring about the greatest break-through in many years. God bless you for this wonderful work.”

D. T. Michigan

„In my opinion, ‘WHO BROUGHT THE SLA VES TO AMERICA’ is THE book of the year. Your references and documentation – most commendable.”

A. L. R. Illinois

„I consider your appearance before groups of BLACKS the most important CONSTR UCTIVE project ever attempted in our country! ! I When enough of them know the story of WHO BROUGHT THE SLA VES TO AMERICA. the guilty tribe will be taken care of by the very people whom they victimized. Also, the ultimate return of the Blacks to Africa IS the ONLY SOLUTION TO THAT PROBLEM, for those millions who wish to go, and it is destined to eventuate. ”

S. D. Nevada

„I am very proud of knowing men like you and Rickenbacker and many more who are not afraid of THIS group. Keep up your good and wonderful work. ”

K. E. Arkansas

„You have courage Walter White, which puts you so far beyond the others on the ‘R ight’. ”

N. J. Arizona

„Just finished your book WHO BROUGHT THE SLA VES TO AMERICA. You are doing a splendid enlightening work in this time when Satanic forces have so much to say. God’s blessings.”

E. B. California


The subject herein is a condensation of reference material not available to the lay public. In fact, the history about „the Jews and slavery” has been clev- erly and cunningly suppressed these many years inasmuch as it has been an the Jews’ ‘planning board’ for many years to eventually arouse the Negro so that the Black Race could be used as revolutionists with the ultimate aim of „One World Jewry Government” becoming a reality, after which, their plan is to enslave the Negro once more – after the Negroes’ usefulness has been exhausted.

In this year, 1968, it is only the fool, or at least the uninformed who does not unde rstand that Communism is Jewish. Karl Marx: was a Jew. That there is a deep-seated bond between Jewish culture and Communism cannot be doubted.

Here are a few similarities.

Both Jews and Communists have a mania for social beliefs based on Oneness. Both aim at universality and favor Internationalism. Both repudiate beliefs in genetic worth and persist in an irrational faith that improved environment shall build a better humanity.

Both preaeh social justice but employ this concept in an opportunistic way. In the U.S., both freely breed pressure groups to insure having their own way. Both place their dogmas above reason. Both cultures spring from monistic minds, and follow the peeuliar manias that sueh minds suffer from, and neither appreciates the worth of moderation. Is it any wonder that Jews, almost universally, transfer their loyalty from Judaism to Communism.

One of their own prominent citizens, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise says: „Some call it Communism. I call it Judaism. ”

Another very important fact about the Jew is that although there are Freneh Jews, German, Pollsh, English, Spanish, Oriental and Russian Jews, they all have that ‘base quality’ which separates them from all other races in the world. They have no respect whatever for the Gentile (Israelite). In fact, they ridicule and use unprintable language about all Gentiles. They are a most segregated people. Anywhere in the world you will find this uninforced segregation. It is the Jew who gave birth to the ‘ghetto. I

The gentile has yet to learn that the Jew is naturally deceitful and thinks noth- ing of lying to his fellow man. The Jew will take the customary court room oath before acting as a trial witness. He takes the oath (knowing while he is taking It) he will violate it because within himself he does not believe he is committing a wrong. This is an inheritance. It is part of being a Jew. He is born and raised with this belief and this teaching is a part of his daily life – like salt and pepper on the Ameriean table. They will commit perjury for oneanother and yet almost In the same breath they will cheat oneanother. They seldome suffer from remorse.

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The naive Gentile, to fully appreciate the statements made herein about the Jews, as a race, must live and work with them closely. One must observe them under all conditions and surroundings.

Too often overlooked by the Gentile is the ‘positive evidence’ that the Jew is not of the White Race.

The Jew will always attempt to stifle anything that is detrimental to him and h is race. Perhaps this is understandable when one stops to take census of the voluminous wrongs and evils committed by Jews throughout the entire world. They have been extended extremely unusual consideration and mercy in every country they inhabited, including the United States, yet they have driven their dagger deeper into the heart of this country than in any other. The Jewish Establishment is running your very life whether you realize it or not. It is the same Jew, the same establishment which destroyed Germany and this writer is often stunned at the dirtiness of its cold, cruel, filthy, dirty, evil, rotten, corrupt whore’s heart. America today is literally dying of the ‘Jew disease. ‘

The evidence contained herein has been carefUlly documented with refer- ences in the appendix for further detailed and specific information.

If the Negro people ever learn what the Jews did to the Black people of Africa there could be an uprising unequalled in American history.

If you haven’t already awakened to the deceit and cunning of the common enemy, the Jew, you deserve the fate which they have planned for all Christianity But investigate for yourself. Actually, what is within the pages of this document should be education enough for anyone. We give you references. and gilt edge documentation. You could not ask for more.

We are confident that you will agree after you have read this in its entirety that it gives you much to think about. BUT DON ‘T THINK TOO LONG. Find out how you can do something to remedy the Jewish cancer in American society.

**** ****

All who name themselves Christians must walk together against the Anti-Christ, for did He not say „The Truth will make you free”?






The story of the slaves in America begins with Christopher Columbus. His voyage to America was not financed by Queen Isabella but by Luis de Santangelo, who advanced the sum of 17,000 ducats (about 5,000 pounds – today equal to 50.000 pounds) to finance the voyage. which began on August 3. 1492.

Columbus was accompanied by live ‘maranos’ (Jews who had forsworn their religion and supposedly became Catholics). Luis de Torres. interpreter. Marco. the surgeon, Bernal, the physician, Alonzo de la Calle and Gabriel Sanchez.

(Ref. ‘The International Jew’ by Henry Ford).

Gabriel Sanchez. abetted by the other four Jews. sold Columbus on the idea of capturing 500 Indians and selling them as slaves in Seville. Spain. which was done. Columbus did not receive any of the money from the sale of the slaves but he became the victim of a conspiracy fostered by Bernal, the ship’s doctor. He, Columbus. sullered injustice and imprisonment as his reward. Betrayed by the five maranos (Jews) whom he had trusted and helped. This. ironically. was the beginning of slavery in the Americas. (‘Adventures of an African Slaver’ by Malcolm Cowley, 1928, p s Il]

T he Jews were expelled from Spain on August 2, 1492 and from Portugal in 1497. Many of these Jews emigrated to Holland, where they set up the Dutch West Indies Company to exploit the new world.

In 1654. the first Jew, Jacob Bars imscn, emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam (New York) and in the next decade many more followed him. settling along the East Coast. principally in New Amsterdam and Newport. Rhode Island. They were prevented by ordinances issued by Governor Peter Stuyvesant from engaging in the domestic economy, so they quickly discovered that the territory inhabited by the Indians would be a fertile field. There were no laws preventing the Jews from trading with the Indians.

The first Jew to begin trading with the Indians was Hayman Levy. who im- ported cheap glass beads. textiles. earrings. armbands and other cheap adorn- ments from Holland which were traded for valuable fur pelts. Hayman Levy was soon joined by Jews Nicholas Lowe and Joseph Simon. Lowe conceived the idea of trading rum and whiskey to the Indians and set up a distillery in Newport. where these two liquors were produced. Within a short time there were ZZ

distilleries in Newport, all of them owned by Jews, manufacturing and dis- tributing ‘firewater’. The story of the debauching of the Indians with its re- sultant massacres of the early settlers, is a dramatic story in itself.

It is essential to comprehend the seaport of Newport. It is important in order to recognize the Jewish share in the Slave commerce. There was a period when it was commonly referred to as ‘The Jewish Newport – World center of Slave Com- merce’. All together, at this time, there were in North America six Jewish com- munities; Newport, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Savannah. There were also many other Jews, scattered over the entire East Coast. Although New York held first place in the settlers of Jews in North America, Newport held second place. New York was also the main source of Kosher meat, supplying the North American settlements, then the West Indies Islands and also South America. Now Newport took over!

Newport also became the great trade harbour of the East Coast of North AJnerica. There, vessels from other ports met, to exchange commodities. Newport, as previously mentioned, represented the foremost place in the com- merce of Rum, Whiskey, and Liquor dealings. And to conclude, it finally be- came the Main Center of Slave dealings. It was from this port that the ships

left on their way across the ocean, to gather their black human cargo and then derive great sums of money in exchange for them.

An authentic, contemporary report, based on authority, indicates that of lZ8 Slave ships, for instance, unloaded in Charleston, within one year, their „Cargo”, lZO of these were undersigned by Jews from Newport and Charleston by their own name. About the rest of them, one can surmise, although they were entered as Boston (1) Norfolk (Z), and Baltimore (4), their real owners were similarly the Jewish slave dealers from Newport and Charleston.

One is able toassessthe Jewish share in the entire dealings of the Newport, if one considers the undertaking of a lone Jew, the Portuguese, Aaron Lopez, who plays an important part in the over -all story of the Jews and Slavery.

Concerning the entire commerce of the Colonies, and the later State of Rhode Island, (which included Newport) bills of lading, concessions, receipts, and port clearances carried the signature name of the Jew Aaron Lopez. This all took place during the years 17Z6 to 1774. He had therefore more than 500/0 of all deal- ings under his personal control for almost fifty years. Aside from that there were other ships which he owned, but sailed under other names.

In the year 1749, the first Masonic Lodge was established. 90% of the mem- bers of this first lodge, fourteen all told, were Jews. And one knows that only so-called „prominent” individuals were accepted. Twenty years later, the se- cond Masonic Lodge: „King David” was established. It is a fact that all of these


6 members were Jews.

In the meantime the Jewish influence in Newport had reached such propor- tions that President George Washington decided to pay them a visit. Upon his appearance both of the Masonic Lodges sent an emissary: a Jew named Moses Seixas, to approach the President with a petition, in which the Jews of Newport stated: „If you will permit the children of Abraham to approach you with a re- quest, to tell you that we honor you, and feel an alliance•••n, and then: „Un- til the present time the valuable rights of a free citizen have been withheld. However, now, we see a new government corning into being based on the Ma- jesty of the people, a government, not sanctioning any bigotry nor persecution of the Jew, rather, to concede the freedom of thought, which each shares, what- ever Nation or Language, as a part of the great Government machine. ”

It is necessary at this point to consider the disclosures as to who in reality obtained this legendary freedom in America at the founding of the Union. To be sure, the province became independent and severed from the English Jurisdic- tion. However, we can see from the petition which Moses Seixas offered Pres- ident Washington in the name of the Jews of Newport, that it was not in reality this type of freedom which they had in mind. They were merely concerned about themselves, and their „own civil rights,” which had been withheld. There- fore, following the Revolutionary War, the Jews were accorded equal rights, and freed of all restrictions! And the Negroes? The Revolutionary War not withstand- ing, they remained Slaves! In the year 1750 one sixth of the population in New York was Negroid, and proportionately in the Southern parts of the Country, they out- numbered the others, but the proclomation of Freedom did not touch them. More of this later.

Let us scrutinize at close range this dismal handwork of the Jews which gave them influence and power, so we may comprehend the Slave Trade; for there has been so much written since that time by the zealous Jewish writers, that at the present, long since removed, it might appear natural, for the time element has a tendency to make things nebulous.

Let us follow the journey of one ship, owned by a slave dealer, Aaron Lopez, which had made many trips to the African coast.

For instance, in the month of May, 1752, the ship „Abigail” was equipped with about 9,000 gallons of rum, a great supply of iron foot and hand restraints, pistols, powder, sabers, and a lot of worthless tin ornaments, and under the command of the Jewish Captain Freedman, sailed off for Africa. There were but two Mates and six sailors comprising the crew. Three and one half months later they landed on the African Coast. Meantime, there had been constructed an African Agency, by the Jewish slave dealers, who had corralled them, and prepared them for sale. This organization reaching deep into Africa, had many ramifications, including the heads of groups, villages, etc. This method to win

over these leaders for the Jewish slave trade, was similar to that which the Jews had employed with the Indians.

At first, they presented them with rum, and soon found themselves in an alcoholic delirium. When the gold dust, and ivory supply was exhausted, they were induced to sell their descendants. At first their wives, and then their youths. Then they began warfare among each other, plotted and developed mostly by the Jews, and if they captured prisoners, these, too, were exchanged for rum, ammunitions and weapons to the Jews, using them for further campaigns to capture more Negroes. The captured Blacks were linked two by two, and driven through the medieval forests to the coast. These painful treks t”equired weeks, and some of them frequently beca me ill, and felled by exhaustion, and many unable to rise even though the bull whip was applied as an encourager. They were left to die and were devoured by wild beasts. It was not unusual to see the bones of the dead laying in the tropical sun, a sad and gruesome reminder to those who would later on tread this path.

It has been calculated, that for each Negro who withstood the rigors of this wandering, there still had to be the long voyage across the ocean, before they reached American soil. Nine out of ten diedl And when one considers, that there was a yearly exodus of ONE MILLION black slaves, then, and only then, can one assess the tremendous, and extensive exodus of the African people. At present Africa is thinly populated, not alone due to the 1,000,000; literally dragged out of huts, but due to the £ive to nine million who never reached their destination.

Once they reached the coast, the black slaves were driven together, and restraints were applied, to hold them, until the next Transport ship docked. The agent – many of them Jews – who represented the Chief, then began the deal with the Captain. Each Negro was personally presented to him. But the Captains had learned to become suspicious. The Black one must move his fingers, arms, legs, and the entire body to insure that there were not any fractures. Even the teeth were examined. If a tooth was lacking, it lowered the price. Most of the Jew Agents knew how to treat sick Negroes with chem- icals in order to sell them as sound. Each Negro was valued at about 100 gal- lons of rum, 100 pounds of gun powder, or in cash between 18 to dollars. The notations of a Captain inform us that on September 5th, 1763, one Negro brought as much as gallons of rum, due to the bidding among the agents, raising the price.

Women under years, pregnant or not, resulted in the same measure, if they were well, and comely. Any over years lost

And here it should be stated that those Negroes, purchased free at the African coast for to 40 dollars, were then resold by the same slave dealers in America for two thousand dollars.



This gives one an idea how the Jews managed to acquire tremendoull for _ tunes, Following the bargaining, Captain Freedman paid the blll, either in merchandise or caah, He also recalled 1I0me advice which his Jewillh employ- eI’ll gave him as he left Newport for Africa: „Pour all much water Into the rum as you possibly can.” In thill manner the Negro chiefs were cheated two tlmes by the Newport Jews!

The next step was to shave the hair from the head of the acquired alaves, Then they were bound, and branded with a hot iron, either on the back, or the hip, identifying them with their owners. Now the Negro slave was indeed the property of the Jewish purchaser. U he fled, he could be identified. Fol- lowing this procedure there was a farewell celebration. There were instan- ces when entire families were brought out of the interior, to the coast, and then separated through the buyer – the father going with one ship, the sons and daughters into another. These „farewell” celebrations were usually packed with emotion, tears, drama and sadness. There was little joy, if ever.

The following day the transport began from land to ship. It was managed by taking four to six Negroes at one time in rowboats to the ship. or couree the slave dealers were aware of how the Negro loved his homeland above all elae, and could only be induced by great force to leave it. So, some or the Negroes wouid manage to rree themselves on the short trip to the liMp and they would leap Into the water. But here the overseers were prepared with sharp dogs, and retrieved the fleeing men. Other Negroes prererred drown. Ing, What came aboard alive, was immediately undr-eaaed, Here was another opportunity to jump over board and reach land and freedom. But the slave dealers were pitiless and ruthless; they were merely concerned to get their Black cargo to America with the least loss. Therefore, an escapee, recap- tured, had both of his legs cut oU before the eyes of the remaining Negroel in order to restore „Order”.

On board the Ihip the Negroes were separated into three groupes. The men were placed in one part of the ship. The women Into another, whereby the lUlty Captain arranged it so that the youngest. most comely Negro women were acceaslble to him.

The children remained on deck, covered with a cloth in bad weather. In thll fashion the slave ship proceeded on its journey to America. In the main. the ahlps were too small, and not at all suitable to transport people. They were barely equipped to transport animals, which the Negroes were likened to. In one space, one meter high – (39 inches), these unfortunate creatures were placed into a horizontal position, pressed close together. Mostly they were chained together. In this position they had to remain for three months. until the end of the voyage. Rarely was there a Captain who sympathized with them or evidenced any feelings whatever for these pitiable creatures. Occasionally they would be taken in groups to the deck for fresh air, shackled in ironl.



Lert: Slave for sale advertisement in a Charleston newspaper, 1776. These particular slaves were valued for their knowledge of rice culture so they usually brought their Jewish owners a higher price. Right: This was standard equipment for all slave ships. A, is a pair of iron hand- ouffs by which the right wrist of one slave is padlocked to the left wrist of another. B, is a pair of leg irons, also for tow slaves. C.D &E is an instrument of torture, the thumbscrew F,G &H is the speculum oris or mouth opener. for slaves who refused to eat. The were created and built b Jews

(From a oolored lithograph in the Maopherson Colleotion, London). The seamen were drawn from first-hand observation. Notice Jewish faces.

. .





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. ‘. I .:/ <,. .\>




Somehow, these Negroes were expendable, and endured much. On occa- sion one of them became insane, killing the other one, pressed closely to him. They also had their finger nails closely cut so they could not tear at each others flesh. The most horrible battles came about among the men, to acquire a Cen- timeter or two, for a comfortable position. It was then that the slave overseer stepped in with his bullwhip. The unimaginable, horrible, human excrement in which these slaves had to endure these trips, is impossible to describe.

In the women’s quarters the same conditions prevailed. Women gave birth to children lying pressed closely together. The younger Negro women were constantly raped by the captain and the crew, resulting thereby, a new type of Mulatto as they came to America.

In Virginia, or in any of the other Southern port cities, the slaves were transferred to the land, and immediately sold. A regular auction would take place, following the method of purchase in Africa. The highest bidder obtained the „W are”. In many cases – due to the indescribable filth – some of the Blacks became ill during the sea voyage from Africa to America. They became unemployable. In such cases the captain accepted any price. It was rare to dis- pose of them for no one wanted to purchase a sick Negro. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Jewish, unethical doctor senses a new form of revenue. They purchased the sick Negro for a small sum, then treated him, and sold him for a large sum. On occasion the captain would be left with a few Negroes for whom he did not find a buyer. In that case he returned to Newport, and sold them to the Jews for cheap domestic help. In other cases, the Jew owner of the ships took them over. This is why the city of Newport and its surroundings had 4,697 black slaves in the year 1756.

Slavery did not extend to the North. Moreover, in many of the North Ameri- can Colonies, slavery was strictly forbidden. Georgia came under discussion; likewise also Philadelphia. And again it was the Jews who managed a loophole, which had given them freedom following the Revolutionary War, so, they schemed to make slave trading legal.

One had but to read the names of which persons, living in Philadelphia who were requesting the elimination of existing law s, re the slavery dealing. They were: the Jews Sandiford, Lay, Woolman, Solomon, and Benezet. That ex- plained it aU! But let us turn back to the slave ship „Abigail”. Its captain – and we are reading from his ships books – did a profitable business. He sold all of his Negroes in Virginia, invested some of the money in tobacco, rice, sugar, and cotton, and went on to Newport where he deposited his wares.

We learn from Captain Freedman’s books that the „Abigail” was a small ship, and could ‘only’ accomodate 56 people. He managed however to clear from this one trip 6,621 dollars, which he in turn delivered to the owner of the ship: one Aaron Lopez.

The staggering amounts of money acquired by the Jew ship owners and slavery dealers is better illustrated when we emphasize the many years in which this sale and purchase of human flesh was practiced. Prior to 1661, all of the Colonies had laws prohibiting slavery. It was in that year that the Jews had become powerful enough to bring about the repeal of these laws, and slav- ery began in earnest.

The Jews had discovered that the Colonists needed additional manpower to help them clear their fields for planting, helping in the construction of dwell- ings, and in general to help with harvesting their crops. This was particular- ly true of the Southern States which we have referred to earlier. The Southern- ers had vast tracts of rich soil suitable for rice, cotton, tobacco and cane sugar. At first impoverished Europeans were recruited. English prison doors were opened and finally prisoners of war from England and Holland were brought to the Colonies, made to work until they had paid the cost of trans- porting them by ship and then set free.

It doesn’t take a Jew long to discover what his brothers are doing so a group of Jews settled in Charleston, South Carolina where they set up distiller- ies for making rum and whiskey. They too learned that they could trade with the natives on the West Coast of Africa for ivory, and several ships were pur- chased and sent to Africa, trading the usual glass beads and other cheap orna- ments for ivory, which, however, took up but little space on board ship. It occurred to these Jew traders that they could supply the plantations in the South with ‘Black Ivory’, needed under swampy and malarial conditions which Euro- pean labor could not tolerate without sickness, and which would not only fill the holds of tll.eir ships, but bring enormous profits. (This same group had eal’1ier tried selling Indians as slaves but they found them completely unsatisfactory, as the Indians would not tolerate this type of work.) Thus another segment of the slave trading had become active and profitable out of Charleston, So, Carolina.

Several shiploads of Black slaves were sent by the Dutch W est Indies Company to Manhattan.

During this time there were a number of Jew plantation owners established in the West Indies and two Jews, Eyrger and Sayller, with strong Rothschild connections in Spain, formed an agency called ASIENTO, which later operated in Holland and England. It was through these connections that Jews in Holland and England exerted influence and both of these countries cooperated in help- ing the Jews provide Black Slaves for the Colonists.

With the yearly capture and transport of I Million Black Slaves it is not difficult to figure that from 1661 to 1774 (one hundred and thirteen years) ap- proximately one hundred and ten million slaves had been removed from their native land. About 100’/0, or ELEVEN MILLION Black Slaves reached the Colonies alive.



We have talked about the small ship „Abigail” which could accommodate only 56 people and yet the profits per each trip were enormous, with little or no in- vestment. There were many other ships but we will concentrate here on only a few such as the „La Fortuna”, „Hannah”, „Sally” or the „Venue” which made very great profits. The „La Fortuna”, by the way, transported approximately Z17 slaves on each trip. The owner cleared not less than $41,438.00 from such a trip. These were dollars which the slave dealers ‘could keep’. And these were dollars of value which would buy a great deal in return.

When one considers that the Jews of Newport owned about 300 slave-transport- ing ships, active without interruption, docking at either Newport – Africa, Charles- ton, (or Virginia), one can approximate the tremendous earnings which made their way to the Jewish ship owners. Indeed, the Jews admit, that of the 600 ships, leav- ing Newport harbor into aU the world, „at least hal! of them” wend their way to Africa, and we know what these ships, going to Africa „were seeking”.

The fact that Aaron Lopez had control of over more than half of the combined deals in the Colonies of Rhode Island, (with Newport) is a well known fact. The well-known Rabbi Morris A. G utstein, in his book: „The story of the Jews in Newport”, attempts to remove these facts, maintaining that there is not any evi- dence that the Jews were connected with the Slave Trade. It is therefore, impera- tive to prove that the Jew was indeed connected with the slave trading. Especially so, since this Rabbi insists they had made great contributions, and how very „blessed” their residence became for the city of Newport. Surely Morris A. Gut- stein will grant us permission to present the facts which he was unable to find.

Turning to one report of the Chamber of Commerce of the „Rhode Island Colony” in the year 1764, we find for instance, that in the year 17Z3 „A few Merchants in Newport devised the idea to send their Newport Rum to the coast of Africa. It developed into such a great export, that in the matter of a few years „several thousand (Hogsheads.)” of Rum went that way. To which purpose did this rum serve?

The Carnegie Institute in Washington, D. C. presents and makes public, authentic Documents, titled: „Documents illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade in America”. We wish to present a few facts from this particuiar collection of Original Documents, and scrutinize them at closer range, and not at all to prove the heretofore Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein in error. In this collection of the first American Institute of learning, we evaluate the Capitol „Rhode Island” which con- tributed the main share of the public Documentation regarding the Slave trading. Here we find, documented, the recipients of the numerous Shipping letters, also letters to the Slave dealers, and correspondence to the Ships’ Captains, who were about 15% Jews, living in Newport. Among these, we find for instance the Jew: Isaac Elizar. He wrote a letter to Captain Christopher Champlin on February 6th, 1763, saying he would like to be an agent for a load of slaves. Then follows the Jews Abraham Pereira Mendez, and one of the main slave deal- ers, Jacob Rod Rivera – the father-in-law of Aaron Lopez.

An identioal illustration of how slaves were stowed in the Brookes of Liverpool. The upper illustration shows the six-foot-wide platform on which slaves were ranged like books on a shelf. There was no Space for them to sit up. The deoks were complete- ly covered with chained bodies.

(c) shows the men’s seotion – to the right. (G) shows the women’s section to the left. (E) Is the boys’ section in the center.

(From Clarkson’s Abstraot of the Evidence 1791).



And then there is Aaron Lopez himself, and many, many more other Jews. Al- though we have considered Aaron Lopez several times, the size of this docu- mented treatise limits us. and we cannot describe all of the writers concerned in the Slavery Dealing correspondence, their names and the special dates –- rather, we wish to study the Documentation of the „Carnegie Institute” itself, – keeping Aaron Lopez in mind. We wish to see, what in the main this Jew was pU’l’suing. What hi s business was. This due to the fact, that Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein presents him as an „lofty, and fine civilian of Newport”, who was so generous, and even „made contributions to welfare.”

In a great number of published original unprejudiced writings in the Carnegie Institute, we find that Aaron Lopez pursued a tremendous commerce in Rum with the African coast in exchange for Slaves. These irrefutable facts are as follows:

June ZZ, 1764, a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez. July ZZnd, 1765, a letter by Aaron Lopez to Captain Nathaniel Briggs.

July ZZnd 1765, a letter to Captain Abraham All. February 4th, 1766, a letter to Captain William Stead by Aaron Lopez. March 7th, 1766. a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez. February ZOth, 1766, a letter by Aaron Lopez to Captain William Stead. October 8th, 1766, a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez. February 9th, 1767, a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez.

Aside from that, there are similar statements out of letters by Aaron Lopez in the original, which he directed to the Captains Henry Cruger, David Mill, Henry White, Thomas Dolbeare, and William Moore. Indeed. one letter by Captain William Moore to Aaron Lopez a. Company, is particularly revealing, and of special mention at this point. We wish to remark on the main contents of this letter, in which Captain Moore writes:

„I wish to advise you, that your ship „Ann” docked here night before last, with liZ slaves, consisting of 35 men. 16 large youths, Zl small boys; Z9 women. Z grown girls, 9 small girls, and I assure you this is such a one Rum-Cargo–(Rum in exchange for slaves) which I have not yet encountered, among the entire group there may be five to which one could take exception.”

The date of the above letter was November Z7, 1774.

We have not yet concluded, because of lack of space, the excerpts, and grate- ful compilations made available by the „Carnegie Institute”.

On November Z9th. 1767, the Jew Abraham Pereira Mendez – who had been cheated by one of his kind – from Charleston, where he had journeyed to better control his Black Cargo, wrote Aaron Lopez at Newport:

„These Negroes, which Captain Abraham All delivered to me, were in such poor condition, due to the poor transportation that I was forced to sell 8 boys and girls for a mere Z7 (pound) Z others for 45 (Pounds) and two women each for 35 (pounds). .(00 doubt, English money).

Abraham Pereia Mendez was very angry, and he accused Aaron Lopez of „cheating” him. This letter delineates to us that this generous, and fine citizen of Newport was insatiable in his greed for money. This is what caused the Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein to present this nobleman, Aaron Lopez, to pursue his object- ionable methods. Negroes presented to him but a commodity.

In all of the letters which the „Carnegie Institute” published, it stresses the lack of human sympathy for the poor Negro slaves. This lack of feeling and com- passion for the abused and pitiful Blacks at the hands of their Jewish dealers, can be read out of the diary of a Captain who manned a ship owned by Aaron Lopez. The entrees concern a trip from the African coast to Charleston. Moreover, they are authentic Documents, published by the „Carnegie Institute” in Washington, D. C. calling attention to an organization which had heretofore known little or nothing about it; neither had they encountered further publicity in books or newspapers. Therefore, it is not to be wondered at, that the facts of the leading share of American Jews in the slave trade could be pointed out as a monopoly, and un- known to the non-jewish Americans, including the great masses of people all over the world. Others, however, acquainted with the facts, had good reason to remain painfully quiet.

The Captain of another ship, the „Othello” among other things, makes the fol- lowing entrees in his diary:

February 6th: One man drowned in the process of loading. March 18th: Two women went overboard because they had not been locked up. April 6th: One man dead with Flux. (No doubt an illness) April 13th: One woman dead with Flux. May 7th: One man dead with Flux. June 16th: One man dead by Kap Henry. June Zlst: One man dead by James Fluss. July 5th: One woman dead with Fever. July 6th: One girl, sick for two months, died.

This vessel was on its way for five months. What terrible and unspeakable suffering was the lot of these millions of Blacks, who were torn with brutal force from their friendly, Mrican huts, jammed together like animals below deck, and then sold with less concern than selling a head of cattle. Small wonder that ten of them died, being purchased for just a few dollars, and then sold for the sum of $Z, 000.00.

Some Negroes managed, through insurrection, to gain control of one or another ship, and turned it around with full sails, toward their African Home. The crew of one slave ship, for instance, „Three Friends” tortured their Black Cargo in such a manner, that the Negroes reciprocated in a bloody rebellion. They killed the Captain, and the entire crew and threw the dead overboard. They then sailed back to Africa where they had barely escaped their hard won freedom.



A similar fate struck the slave ship „Amistad”. Among the slaves was the son of an enemy, tribal Chief. Once the ship was under way, he schemed with his compatriots to attack the ships’ crew. Following a bloody battle, they managed to capture the Captain. The Negro Prince forced him to turn back to Africa. then in the evening. under cover of dazkneaa, he changed his course. zig-zagged for months until he came close to the American coast. and encoun- tered a government ship. This took place in the year 1839 when slave trading was already forbidden and illegal.

The Negro slaves were freed and the Captain punished. These sea-voyages were not without danger when they had Black cargo. Which accounts for the fact that the Jews most always engaged non-jewish Captains.

The slave dealers preferred to remain in their offices, and counted the fat winnings following each journey. such as Aaron Lopez. who left his heirs. follOWing his death, one of the largest fortunes in the New England era.

When reviewing the documented facts contained herein it is important that one always remember that it was a lucky Captain who did not lose more than 9 out of 10 slaves on the return trip.

It is equally important to remember that these poor Black creatures had to lay in human excrement for the entire trip. Think of it! No wonder sickness and disease took such a high toll.

Remember the figures: Approximately one hundred and ten million Black people were captured and removed from their homeland in Africa. Only ELEVEN MILLION of these Black slaves reached the Colonies alive.

And the Jews still talk about the Germans and Hitler and how six million Jews wel’e exterminated during World Waz I I. This is the greatest LIE evel’ perpetrated upon the people of the world – whereas the story of the poor Black slaves is documented. Documented with TR UTH. The evidence is still available for tbe people of the world to see.

The „Carnegie Institute of Technology” is located in Pittsburgh. Penn.

As this document is distributed. eventually reaching the hands of the Jew. the evidence will probably be removed and destroyed until finally all documen- tation is removed which is damaging to the Jew. The Jews have been engaged in this practice for centuries. Truth however, truth which bears fact cannot remain covered or hidden forever. and more truths are being disclosed by those of us who intend to free America of these sons of the devil – the Jews.

The published Documentation contained herein was obtained from the Carnegie Institute of learning, presently known: „The Carnegie Institute of Technology”.


Slave-runners, also owned by Jews were the ‘La Fortuna’, the ‘Hannah’, ‘Sally’, and the ‘V enue’.

The following is a partial1ist of the slave ships owned by Jews:

‘Abigail’ by Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy and Jacob Franks. ‘Crown’ by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson. ‘Nassau’ by Moses Levy. ‘Four Sisters’ by Moses Levy.

‘Anne & Eliza’ by Justus Bosch and John Abrams. ‘Prudent Betty’ by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix. ‘Hester’ by Mordecai and David Gomez. ‘Elizabeth’ by David and Mordecai Gomez.

‘Antigua’ by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell. ‘Betsy’ by Wm. DeWoolf. ‘Polly’ by James DeWoolf. ‘White Horse’ by Jan de Sweevts

‘Expedition’ by John and Jacob Rosevelt. ‘Charlotte’ by Moses and Sam Levey and Jacob Franks. ‘Caracoa’ by Moses and Sam Levey.


Some of the Jews of Newport and Charleston who were engaged in the distil- lery or slavery trade, or both. were: Isaac Gomez, Hayman Levy. Jacob Malhado, Naphtaly Myers, David Hart, Joseph Jacobs. Moses Ben Franks, Moses Gomez, Isaac Dias, Benjamin Levy, David Jeshuvum, Jacob Pinto, Jacob Turk, Daniel Gomez, James Lucana, Jan de Sweevts, Felix (cha-cha)

de Souza, (known as the ‘Prince of Slavers’ and second only to Aaron Lopez), Simeon Potter, Isaac Elizer, Jacob Rod, Jacob Rodrigues Rivera. Haym Isaac Carregal, Abraham Touro, Moses Hays, Moses Lopez. Judah Touro, Abraham Mendes and Abraham All.

Of some 600 ships leaving the port of Newport, more than 300 were engaged in the slave trade•

A typical cargo of one ship, ‘La Fortuna’ was 2.17 slaves which cost about $4300 and sold for $41,438.00.

Only about 10″/0 of the slave ship Captains were Jews, they not wanting to subject themselves to the rigors of the 6 month journey. They preferred to stay at home and continue their distillery operations which continued to supply rum and whiskey to the Indians for many years at a very great profit.


Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Vols , „Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America” Washington, D. C. 1930 – 1935

„Carnegie Institute of Technology”, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


i .\ ,


” Wa lking skeletons cove red over with a piece of tan ned leather.” Slaves on the deck of the bark WIldfire, captured and brought into Key West, April 1 , 8bO (Engraved from a daguerreotype and published in Harper’s Weekly)

Note the tanned leather covering overhead – the only protection from the elements for these masses of slave ‘walking skeletons’. This is illustration of slaves on deck of „Wildfire”. which was captured and brought to Key West on April 3, 1860. (A daguerreo- type engraving published in Harper’s Weekly)




References – Documentation continued –

‘Adventures of an African Slaver” by Malcolm Cowley, 19Z8. Published by Albert and Charles Bori, New York

„The Story of the Jews in Newporc” by Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein. „The Jew Discovers America”, by Othmar Krainz. „The International Jew”, by Henry Ford. „The Plot Against The Church”, by Maurice Pinay

„Protocol For World Conquest” 1956 by The Central Conference of American Rabbis.

„Behind Communism” by Frank L. Britton.


We cannot undertake even this brief history of the modern Jew without taking note of a phenomenon which has confounded gentile societies for twenty centuries. This is the ability of the Jewish people to collectively retain their identity despite centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. To any student of Judaism, or to the Jews themselves, this phenomenon is partly explained by the fact that Judaism is neither mainly a religion, nor mainly a racial matter, nor yet is it simply a matter of nationality. Rather it is all three; it is a kind of trinity. Judaism is best described as a nationality built on the twin pillars of race and religion. All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely the persecution myth Since first appearing in history we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people, and this idea is, and has always been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Juda- ism; without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding.

It is a fact that the Jewish people have suffered numerous hardships in the course of their history, but this is true of other peoples too. The chief differ- ence is that the Jews have kept score. We must repeat – ‘they have kept score’ – they have made a tradition of persecution.

A casual slaughter of thousands of Christians is remembered by no one in 50 years, but a disability visited upon a few Jews is preserved forever in Jewish histories. And they tell their woes not only to themselves, but to a sympathetic world as well.




(Orthodox, Reform, Non-Religious and „Christian”)

We are about to reach our goal. World War I I furthered our plans greatly. We succeeded in having many millions of Christians kill each other and retllrning other millions in such condition that they can do us no harm. There remains little to be done to complete our control of the stupid Goyim.

JEWS IN AMERICA – These are your final instructions:

1. Continue to enlarge our control over radio, TV, newspapers, movies and magazines.

z. Educate our sons and crowd the Gentiles out of the practice of law, medicine, pharmacy, and all the retail trades.

Make their schools and colleges training camps of our Red revolution.

Bring ridicule upon their Christian faith, divide their people, weaken their churches.

s. Demoralize their women and children.

6. 7.


9. 10.



13. 14.

Corrupt their courts and bring them into contempt.

Turn class against class. The Negro against the White.

Buy politicians and continue to corrupt their local, state and national governments.

„GET” the Fascist anti-Semites, one way or another.

Use willing tools like T’rurnan, Eisenhower, Stevenson, and Warren; they will do our bidding. Yes, even Johnson and Nixon.

Plan unlimited immigration of our persecuted people without restriction. Continue our control of their money thru the Federal Reserve System. Continue to place Jews in key positions in government, army and navy.

We must destroy the Republic and replace it with a Democracy (Jewish -governed state Socialism.)

15. Continue our control over labor, agitate unrest. strikes and violence by any means or schemes.

Especially through these methods shall we plunge this country into destitution, demoralization. bankruptcy, and civil war. further lessening the numbers of our enemies.

The Bolshevik Revolution made us masters of Russia. The last war made us rulers of all Europe except Spain.

Let the next war make us MASTERS OF AMERICA.

For the preservation of our race, you are warned to renounce, abjure, repudiate and deny any of this information if questioned by Gentiles, even under oath. as directed by the Talmud.

It is needless to caution you of the terrible consequences that might follow if these instructions should fall into Goyim hands.




The great Pope Gregory VII, the renowned Hildebrand, the great reformer and organizer of the Church. writes in a letter to King Alfonse VI of Castile in the year 1081: „We exhort your Royal Majesty, not to further tolerate, that the .Jews rule Christians and have power over them. For to allow, that Christians are subordinated to Jews and are delivered to thelr whims. means to oppress the Church of God, means to revile Christ himself. ” (344)

However, this great Pope was strictly opposed to forcing the Jews to baptism, for he knew. how dangerous false conversions were and seized upon measures to avoid this kind of error and protected the Jews against the immoderate zeal of some fanatics •. Pope Gregory VII fought uninterruptedly to prevent that the Jews ruled the Christians, for – as he said – this came close to a repression of Holy Church and elevating of the „Synagogue of Satan.” But in addition he asserted that to please these enemies of Christ, meant to revUe Christ himself. What would the members of the „Fifth Column” say to this, who at present do exactly the opposite of what Pope Gregory VII ordered? The same thing, which was as- serted by this renowned Pontifex – one of the most renowned of the Church – is



Josiah Wedgwood & SOli!

Peabody Museum, Salem. M. ss.


It is the famous Wedgwood medallion that later became the seal 01′ the Slave Emancipation Sooiety.


American slave ships at anchor. 1806. at Cape Coast Castle.

(From the Peabody Museum, Salem, Massachusettes.

‘I’}. ,

championed today by those who fight against Jewish Imperialism and for this reason are called anti-Semites, I, e., to prevent that the Jews rule the Christians and as a result vilify Christ and His Church and cause grave harm to the Christian nations. St. Ambrose, a Bishop of Milan, and great Church Father, said to his flock, that the Synagogue „was a godless House, a collect- ing place of wickedness and that God Himself had damned it. (345)

And if the host of Christians on grounds of the faithless conduct of the Jews could not hold back their rage and burned a synagogue, St. Ambrose allowed them to enjoy his full sup port and said in addition: „I declare that I have set the synagogue on fire or have at least given the crowd the mandate to do it. And if it ls said against me, that I should not have personally set the synagogue on fire, I answer that it was burned through the judgement of God.” (346)

We must also not forget, that St. Ambrose of Milan is recognized in Holy Church as model bishop and on account of his Christian neighbourly love is held to be worthy of imitation. This proves, that neighbourly love, must not be used to protect the evil powers.

Holy Thomas of Aquin, who knew the danger of Jews in Christian society, held it to be correct, to allow them to live in eternal servitude. A semitophilic writer complains about this and writes as follows: „Aquinas based himself upon the standpoint of that time, that they should live in eternaL servitude. ” (347) This opinion of St. Thomas of Aquinas is completely justified. If the Jews in every land, in which they live, constantly instigate conspiracles upon oommand of their religion, in order to conquer the people which magnanimously offered them hospitality, and they in addition fight to rob it of its goods and to destroy its religious belief, there is no other choice: either they must be expelled from the land, or they be allowed to live there, but in hard servitude, which binds their hands and prevents them from doing so much evil.

Another great genius of the Church, Duns Scotus, the Doctor Subtilis, went still further than Thomas of Aquinas and proposed to Christianity a solution of the Jewish problem on the basis of the complete destruction of this devilish sect. In this aspect a renowned Rabbi, complains that Duns Scotus „Instigated the forceful baptism of Jewish children and that parents who refused to be converted should be brought onto an island, where they could practise their religion until the prophecy of Isaak concerning those remaining, who wished to return, was fulfilled. (4. ZZ)’! (348)

As one sees, the idea of banishing all the Jews in the world onto an island, where they should live alone, without being able to harm the remaining peoples. originates not from Hitler but from one of the most renowned authorized Church Fathers. Saint Louis (Ludwig), King of France, exemplary in his saintliness and Christian love of the neighbour, who was so magnanimous as to give back a conquered king the regions conquered by him, which no one in that time dld vol- untarily, was of the opinion that the Jews, if they mocked the Christian religion, should have a sword thrust as deeply as possible into their body. ” (349)

St. Athanasius, the great Church Father, asserted that „the Jews were no longer the people of God but were Lords over Sodom and Gomorrah.” (350)

Saint John Chrysostom, another great Church Father, reports concerning all the misfortune, which occurred to the Jews at different times: „But the Jews say that men and not God brought them all this misfortune. But exactly the opposite is the cause, for God has occasioned it. If they (the Jews) make men



responsible for this, then they must remember that they, even if they had risked it, would nevertheless not have been strong enough, if God had not so willed it. ” (1.51) St. John Chrysostom defined approximately fifteen hundred years ago clearly and distinctly the nature of the Jews and described them as „Nation of criminals,” „lustful robbers and avaricious false thieves.” Later the great Church Father makes the assurance in connection with the traditional Jewish tactic of lamenting that men declare war on them and destroy them, and of al-

ways representing themselves as innocent victims: „Always when the Jews say to you: Men have waged war upon us and have conspired against us, answer them: men would not have waged war upon you, if God had not allowed it. ”

Saint John Chrysostom even supports himself upon another point of the Catholic doctrine, that „God hates the Jews,” (352) because God hates Evil, and the Jews after they had our Lord Jesus crucified, became the greatest evil.

The terrible events in this century, where the Jews erected their Communist dictatorship, have confirmed what Saint John Chrysostom asserted over fifteen hundred years ago, namely, that the Jews are a band of thieves and murderers, and it is understandable that the just punishment of God is frequently bestowed upon them for their bloody misdeeds.

The renowned Bishop of Meaux, Bossuet, writer and sacred preacher, whose position is known in the history of Holy Church, likewise fought the Jews energet- ically and cursed them from the pulpit: „Accursed People! Your visitation shall pursue you up to your most remote descendants, until the Lord becomes weary of punishing you and at the end of time takes pity on your wretched remains. „(353)

Like all Church Fathers Bossuet knew the Jewish falsehood very well. If the Jews had not behaved in a criminal way in the course of centuries since the crucifying of the Lord, no one would accuse and condemn them on account of their wickedness. Through their mode of action they are solely and alone re- sponsible for the all-sided reaction against them. U a man does not wish to be regarded as a murderer and thief, then he only needs to abandon this kind of crime. But if he robs, kills or conspires, it is not remarkable, that the peoples affected reproach him with his crimes. However, the Jews are shameless enough to protest and to always raise a great outcry, ‘persecution’, and yet it is because of their own conspiracies and manifold crimes against other men and nations which brings such censure upon them.

The Holy Pius V, another great saint of the Church, who is renowned on account of his devoutness and Christian neighbourly love and was simultan- eously one of the most highly regarded of Popes, gave energetic expression to his opinion – and ordered, that all Jews should wear as distinguishing mark a cap for men and a simple sign for women and we declare that the colour must be yellow.”

This same Pope committed, that: „Since we, as is necessary, wish to remedy this deceit which Jews are continually committing, with full under- standing and in exercising of the apostolic powers, we withdraw from the Jews and their rule (and recognize no right or claim) all properties, which the Jews have in their possession in this city Rome or other places of our domain of rule. II (357) One can imagine, how great the usury and swindling of the Jews and the sale of properties must have been, that this devout virtuous Pope saw himseU compelled to make these measures for defense of the Christians. If he had lived

in our disastrous time, he would have been condemned by the Church dignitaries in the service of the „Synagogue of Satan,” of race hatred and Antisemitism and, if possible, even have been included among the war criminals of Nuremberg; for in our time the „Fifth Column”, „The Establishment” or whatever you want to call it, condemns all who defend their peoples or Holy Church against the politi- calor economic Imperialism of the Jews. The invasion of our Churches by an atheist and pro-Marxist, Walter Reuther who is using a mUlion dollars of funds from his United Auto W orkers to ‘buy’ and organize religious organizations and all churches affiliated with „The National Council of Churches of Christ”. ADd Dr. Eugene Carson Blake who made the statement not too long ago: „With pl’lI- dent management, the Churches ought to be able to control the whole economy within the predictable future. ”

This Jewish Fifth Column has become a deadly danger to Christianity every- where and it has solidified itself well in America. As Christians united how- ever, we will stop the wickedness of the Jews. This must be done for the bene- fit of humanity and a better world in which to live.


Y es, that is frequently the way the Jews have been referred to since the beginning of history. Why? There must be reasons for them to have earned this distinction. Perhaps it is for these same reasons that the Jews have been expelled from countries throughout the world. Yes, it is true aCcording to history that the Jews have been banished from most all major nations of the world at one time or another. On some occasions twice because Jewry has a way of deceitfully worming themselves back into the good graces of Christianity. Without exception however they revert to their uncontrollable instincts, unlike any other race of people known to man.

The Jewish problem has never been uniquely Protestant or Catholic or in any way sectarian. The pioneer of Protestantism, Dr. Martin Luther talked and wrote about the Jews for many years during which time he had studied them carefully as a race and a people from the time the Jew was placed on earth.

His original language may be found in Martin Luther’s works in the Congressional Library, Washington, D. C., and in anyone of several accredited Lutheran seminaries. The following are quotations of Dr. Martin Luther:

„The Jews are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have not only perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing with their interpretations have lied to and deceived their own people. And all of their anxious sighing, longing and hope of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen (Christian) as they dealt with the heathen of persia at the time of Esther. Oh, how they love that book Esther, which so nicely agrees with their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope! The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they who imagine to be the people of God who desire to and think they must murder and crush the heathen. ”



„Even now the Jews cannot give up their insane, raving boast. that they are the chosen people of God, after they have been dispersed and rejected for 1500 years 1 Still they hope to get back there because of their own merits. There is no promise for that on which they could lean for comfort, except what they smear into the Scriptures according to their own imaginations. Thus the Jews continue in their willfulness, and knowingly want to err and not leave their Rabbis, and therefore we also must leave them to their poisonous blasphemies and lies, and disregard them. ”

„Therefore know, my dear Christian, that next to the Devil you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement an enemy than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew. There may be some among them who believe what the cow or the goose believes. But all of them are surrounded with their blood and circum- cision. ” (Martin Luther’s Works, Congressional Library, Washington, D. C.)

The „Fifth Column” is presently formed by the descendants of the Jews, who In earlier centuries were converted to Christianity and seemingly held in enthu- siastic manner to the religion of Christ, (pretended) whlle in secret they pre- served their Jewish belief, exactly like the Jew converts of today. You cannot change the spots on a leopart and, whlle speaking of cats, this writer would feel safer In a cage full of wild cats than with his back turned to a Jew. These mast- ers of deceit smuggled as „Fifth Column” into the bosom of the Church of Christ until now their hypocritical conversion to Christianity has made it easieZ’ and lowered the guard even more as the naive Christian says, when speaking of the Jew: „He bas become a Christian.” „She has been converted.” We beg of you.

we implore you to ‘wake up’. How can we be so stupid? When will you learn? Why do you not adopt the methods used in the past to arrest the Jews from all forms of Chrlstian Hfe before it is too late? Aze not the former leuned men of the Church, Including Popes, and rulers of Kingdoms worthy of your thoughtful consideration. History shows that these men were to be trusted and they made deep study of the Jew problem. Think about this. But if you meditate too long the Jewish-Communist revolution will have made your decision for you.

The Jews laid aside their Jewish surnames and took on very Christian names. which were embellished with the surnames of their godfathers. In this way they were successful in mixing with Christian society and taking possession of the names of the leading families of France, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain. Poland, Germany and other lands of Christian Europe. The new generation are now taking 0111′ American names. Why? The answer is so obvious we will not insult your intelligence by offering any further explanation.

Additional copies of „Who Brought The Slaves To America” may be obtained from WESTERN FRONT, P.O. Box 27854, Hollywood, California 90027

Every American Negro should learn about this suppressed TR UTH.


T his w riter’s vast research since the printing of the Second Edition more than a year ago compels us to bring additional evidence to the surface so that mankind gen- erally, Black and White will remain forever convinced that International Jewry played a dominent influence both actively and personally in slavery throughout the entire world,

We now learn that the Jews created slavery and practiced it long before the birth of Jesus Christ. Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. XI, p. 485. Rabbi Lewis Browne, in his Stranger Than Fiction, p. 196, says that „under the tolerant rule of the Mohammedans, the Jews began slavery and began to prosper. They who had been poor and bedraggled pedlars for centuries, now became wealthy and powerful traders. They traveled every- where, from England to India, from Bohemia to Egypt. Their commonest merchandise in those days was slaves. On every highroad and on every great river and sea, these Jewish traders were to be found with their gangs of shackled prisoners in convoy. ”

Albert M. Hyamson (A History of the Jews in England, p.5) makes the interesting observation that the Jewish slave traders were probably indirectly responsible for the conversion of Britain to Christianity. Homer mentions Cyprus and Egypt as the com- mon markets for slaves, about the time of the Trojan war. Egypt is represented In the book of Genesis as a market for slaves, and in Exodus as famous for the severity of its servitude. Tyre and Sidon, as we learn from the book of Joel, were notorious for the prosecution of the slave trade. Although this trade was not confined to the Jews they nevertheless introduced it throughout all Asia and spread it through the Grecian and Roman world. As the northern nations were settled in their conquests, the slav- ery and commerce of the human species began to decline, and were finally abollshed. Some writers have ascribed this result to the prevalence of the feudal system; while others, a much more generous class, have maintained that it was the natural effect

of Christianity. Christianity was admirably adapted to this purpose. It taught „that all men were originally equal; that the Deity was no respecter of persons; and that, as all men were to give an account of their actions hereafter, it was necessary that they should be free. ”

Albert Hyamson says; „The British slaves who, in the Roman market-place, at- tracted the attention of King Gregory, and directed it towards Britain, were most probably introduced into Italy by Jewish merchants.” The first attempt by the British to establlsh a regular slave trade on the African coalit, was made in the year 1618, when James I, granted an exclusive charter to Sir Robert Rich and some other Jewish merchants of London for raising a joint stock company to trade to Guinea.

„If the truth were fully known, ” says Rabbi Lewill Browne in Stranger Than Fiction (p. 222), „probably it would be found that the learned Jews In Provence, Italy, were In large part responllible for the existence of the free-thinking lIect (the Albigenses). The doctrines which the Jews had been spreading throughout the land for yearll could Dot but have helped to undermine the Church’lI power. II Jewlllh writers boast of the share Jews have had in encouraging heredes within the Catholic Church. „As a whole,” says I. Abrahams (Jewillh Life In The Middle Ages) „heresy was a reverllion to Old Telltament and even Jewillh idealll. It ill undubitable that the



heretical doctrines of the southern French Albigenses in the beginning of the thir- teenth century, as of the Hussites in the fifteenth, were largely the result of friend- ly intercourse between Christians and educated Jews.” See also Graetz, History of the Jews, Vol. III, ch, xv, English translation, and Rabbi Newman’s Jewish influ- ence on Christian Reform Movements.

T he European Jewish merchants found it more practical to establish their own people in Africa and secure themselves by fortified posts, changing the earlier sys- tem of force into that of pretended liberality; and of opening by every species of bri- bery and corruption, a communication with the natives. Accordingly they erected their forts and factories; landed their merchandise, and endeavored by a peaceable deportment, by presents, and by every appearance of munificence, to allure the at- tachment and confidence of the Africans. The scheme succeeded. Art intercourse took place between the Merchants and Africans, attended with a confidence highly favorable to the views of ambition and avarice. In order to render the dealings per- manent as well as lucrative, the Merchants paid their court to the African chiefs, and a treaty of peace and commerce was concluded. Although the Merchants viola- ted the treaty in every conceivable manner known to man, thus was laid the founda- tion of that nefarious commerce, of which, this writer has uncovered a wealth of buried treasure relating to ‘Slavery’. beginning in the early centuries until its abol- ishment in AJnerica – and the Jewish merchants continued in this lucrative practice of slavery for some years after it had been declared illegal.

This treatise was originally prepared to bring to the surface only a few bare facts relating to Jewish slavers and Jew owned slave ships, most of which have been suppressed these many, many years. Search however led to more search and the evidence is so enormous of how Jew merchants throughout the world gradually gained control of the barbarous practice of slavery. There now remains no doubt of the gigantic role the Jews played in the monopolistic introduction of slavery to Amer- ica and my references have become a cross·file of the worst kind of evidence against these unscrupulous, conscienceless people and it is their ancestors who today, se- cretly support Communism and then pretend to be „Artti-Communist.” If some of our Anti-Communists would tell this plain truth, we might possibly yet be liberated from Jewish misrule. This truth about slavery should be made a part of our American his- tory and taught in the schools so that children may learn the FACTS.

However, children sometimes exercise an instinct adults stifle. Houston Stewart Chamberlain in his Foundahons of the Nineteenth Century, Vol. I, p, 537, 1910 edi- tion said: „It frequently happens that children, who have no conception of what ‘Jew’ means, or that there is any such thing in the world, begin to cry as soon as a genuine Jew or Jewess comes near them!” You may take this reference of Chamberlain’s for what it may be worth but I hasten to add that his works, Vol. I 8< II arrested the atten- tion of the literary world, and was speedily declared to be one of the masterpieces of the century. Do not minimize this great scholar of natural science. While visiting that Godless, atheistic United Nations I had the opportunity to pho- tograph comments (printed) by Prof. Leonard J. Fein who addressed the Reform Rabbis meeting in Boston. Speaking on the Jewish academician, Prof. Fein ex- plained that "we are not white symbolically, and we are not white literally." He then added that we should "not permit ourselves to be lumped, together with white America, for that is not where we belong. " Z9 Continuing he explained that "We are too much an oppressed people, still, and too much a rejected people, even in this country, to accept the designation 'white. I And to count ourselves as white, moreover, is to deny our brotherhood with the Yemen- ites and the Kurdistanis in Israel, with the B'nai Yisrael Crom India and the Black Jews of New York. " Employing a theme which he used in addressing other Jewish convention, Dr. Fein asserted that Jews are not black. "We are Jews," he went on, "and because we are Jews, and not white, and not black, we must see to it, as a community, that we do not come to act as whites, whether by choice or because others so identify us. Not only because it is forbidden us, not only because we of all people ought to know better, but because we shall cut ourselves off from our own future if we do. " Moses Mendelssohn, speaking of Jews said: "Judaism is not revealed religion, but revealed legislation. " Meanwhile. we need only refer to the previous page relating to the Jews establish- ing an appearance of munificence, to allure the attachment and confidence of the Africans. It is now history, an ancient history as to what they did to the unfortunate Black people of Africa, a suppressed history which we aim to make known to every Black American: man, woman and child. YOU should also spread this truth. Very soon after the commencement of the slave trade, the Africans began to be considered as an inferior race, and even their very color as a mark of it. They were transported for centuries until various persons, taking an interest in their sufferings, produced such a union of public sentiment that such commerce in human flesh was abolished. We have brought you but a brief sketch in all its sickening and horrible de- tails in the hope that some day - because of our humble effort - the guilt will be placed where it rightfully belongs and that somehow, those people will be punished. The condition of slaves and their personal treatment were sufficiently humiliating and grievous, and may well excite our pity and abhorrence. They were beaten, starved, tortured, and murdered at discretion; they were dead in a civil sense: they had neither name nor tribe; they were incapable of judicial process; and they were, in short, with- out appeal. This slavery of the Black people which began many centuries ago, depressed the human species in the general estimation; and they were tamed llke brutes by hunger and the lash, and the treatment of them so conducted as to render them docile instru- ments of labor for their possessors. This degradation of course depressed their minds; restricted the expansion of their faculties; stifled almost every effort of genius, and ex- hibited them to the world as beings endued with inferior capacities to the rest of man- kind. It is only recently that the Black man has been given equal opportunity in Amer- ica, and although the Negro, generally, has not been too successful, he is nevertheless finding a place in a White society. Have YOU ever had to think about the color of your skin? Or if you were a member of a minority instead of a majority? The American Negro has, and millions of them are seeking a solution. This is a challenge to White America to help fulfill the Black man's desire to become a part of a Black Society in his fatherland, thus reestablishing the bounds of their habitation. 30 H. R. 8965 is a Bill to authorize repatriation of Americans of African descent who have voluntarlly expressed their desire to repatriate under the provisions of this ACT. Sec. ZOI. (a) The President of the United States is authorized and directed to enter into negotiations, through the Department of State or otherwise as he may deem appro- priate, with approximately 37 Governments of the African continent and other indepen- dent African countries, respectively, for landsites that the repatriates can live on. Many mUlions of American Negroes look to Africa as their fatherland whose people are 90% iliiterate. It is three times the size of the U. 5., underpopulated, rich in un- developed natural resources and in need of skilled people. According to African stand- ards, there are no UDskilled Black peopie in the United States. Many, many American negroes say that "our purpose in America has been served - we must now leave and buUd Africa as we helped build America; to serve our world as we served the 'New World'. " The above Bill H. R. 8965 was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, March i3, i969. This committee is headed by Emanuel Celler (Jew) and inasmuch as International Jewry intends to continue its use of the Black man as its polltical foot- ball, IT must become the White man's problem to DEMAND that this Bill be given consideration by the United States Congress. The signing of a petition by more than SIX MILLION American Negroes is significant enough that this voluntary expression of the Blacks deserves every consideration. It is our opinion that this should become an obligation of the United States government to properly initiate legisiation which will finance the transportation of, and the proper and adequate establishment of these people in the respective countries. This applies to ALL American Negroes who vol- untarily wish to make Africa their permanent residence. Don't ask, DEMAND that your Representative in Washington sponsor Bill H. R. 89651 Meanwhile, this author will speak before Negro groups and organizations through- out America, educating them to the FACTS of slavery in America, and we will hope that the White American will DEMAND of HIS Representative a proper consideration of Repatriation for American Blacks. REFERENCES: The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, ancient and modern. The African Slave Trade and the Political History Of Slavery in the United States. Compiled from authentic materiais by W. O. Blake. PubUshed and soid exclusively by subscription by J. II H. Miller, 1857 Columbus, Ohio. Plus references all Ullted on pagell Z7 II Z8. U you discover an interest in what we of WESTERN FRONT are doing. all we attempt to educate and awaken people to the TRUTH, we invite you to join hands with UII and become a Member of WESTERN FRONT. We are a Chrilltian organization. The Memberllhip-Subscrlption ill $10.00 yearly or $6.00 payable lIemi-annually. You will receive our monthly Bulletin regularly plull further literature of your choice at a very Dominal eest, WESTERN FRONT is now in itll fifth year. WESTERN FRONT P . O. Box Z7854 - Hollywood, California 900Z7 WHO BROUGHT THE SLA VES TO AMERICA price lillt page I