CNN mai mincinoasă decât „Europa liberă”…

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02 April, 2013

Fostul reporter CNN, Amber Lyon, a facut public faptul ca in timpul in care a lucrat la postul tv a primit ordine sa trimita stiri false si sa excluda alte stiri pe care administratia Statelor Unite le dezavua, in scopul realizarii unei opinii publice in favoarea lansarii unei agresiuni impotriva Siriei si Iranului.

Lyon a fost citata de principalul portal de stiri din Slovacia spunand ca principalele canale media din Statele Unite lucreaza in mod intentionat la crearea unei propagande impotriva Iranului, in scopul de a castiga suportul opiniei publice pentru o invazie militaraa acestui stat.

Ea a aratat ca scenariul folosit inainte de invadarea Irakului este pregatit a fi repetat, Iranul si Siria fiin acum subiectele unei “demonizari” constante.

Fostul reporter a a firmat ca CNN manipuleaza, contraface stiri si le transmite in mod selectiv.
De asemenea, jurnalista a subliniat faptul ca CNN primeste bani de la guvernul Statelor Unite, precum si de la guvernele altor state in schimbul continutului stirilor pe care le transmit.

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CNN spreads lies against Iran, Syria: Ex-correspondent

 Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon

Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon
Mon Apr 1, 2013 7:14AM GMT
An outspoken investigative journalist and former CNN correspondent has once again stressed that the US-based network is engaged in spreading Western propaganda against Iran and Syria.

Syria’s SANA news agency quoted Amber Lyon as saying that when she was working for the CNN, she received orders to send false news or exclude certain information which the US administration did not approve of with the aim of inciting public opinion in favor of launching an offensive on Iran and Syria.

Lyon added that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create propaganda against Iran to garner public support for a military invasion against it.

She said that the same scenario used before launching the 2003 war on Iraq is being prepared for Iran and Syria.

Amber went on to say that both states are now being subjected to „constant demonization” by American mainstream media.

The former reporter clarified that the CNN receives money from the US government and other states in exchange for aligning news content with their interests.

Last October, Amber complained that „there is constant demonization of Syria, Iran and other countries on the US mainstream media.”

She described the attitude as „dangerous to the American public because they are not being given the accurate story and accurate picture of our foreign policy.”

Lyon also said that CNN was bribed by Bahrain’s regime to censor an early 2011 documentary on its brutal crackdown on popular protests.

The former CNN correspondent produced the documentary on the brutal suppression of nationwide protests in the Persian Gulf kingdom. Although it was aired domestically within the US, its broadcast on CNN International was suspiciously withheld, raising charges that the management of the mainstream TV network had pulled the plug on the news story.

Lyon, who was „laid off” by the CNN in March 2012, also revealed that the network gets paid by despotic regimes to produce and broadcast what she referred to as „infomercials for dictators,” saying that the sponsored content of such pieces aired on CNN International „is actually being paid for by regimes and governments.”