– all decent people in the entire world, writers, artists, scientists, leaders of opinion and civil consciousness,
– all the Governments and Parliaments worldwide,
– international organizations concerned with world’s security and peace,
– all the believers and religious leaders of all religions,

to reveal a fact of a extreme gravity for the future of our planet, a true crime against humanity conceived by the organizations and institutions of the Jewish Community to implement the plan of immigration and naturalization in Romania of one million Jews, without the knowledge and the consent of Romanian people.

At this moment, over 500,000 (five hundred thousands) Jews have already received Romanian citizenship, with all the rights stipulated by this status, including the right to own properties in this country and Romanian people do not know anything about this invasion.

We consider that we face an act of agression against the Romanian state and the Romanian people, an agression which is totally atypical and never experimented in the history of our planet. Romanian and International legislations could not foresee and take into consideration such a cunning, cynical, cowardly and shameless modality that the world’s Jewry strategists have conceived. Therefore, we think to be right that, in the near future, Romanian and International legislations should pass a set of laws and measures with retroactive effect to reject and annihilate the consequences of Jewish invasion in Romania. At this moment, we do not know who is, from a legal point of view, the author of this irresponsible and immoral plan of agression, to move in Romania a large enough number of Jews to ignite a demographic catastrophe in Romania, a anti-Romanian genocide, a quiet, but an efficient one.

The strategy of this criminal project is the following:

1. After 1990, with the help of the Romanian Government and the most important Romanian media channels (mainstream newspapers, radio and TV stations) which censor all the information regarding this topic, the naturalization of the Jews is done in a totally secret manner.

2. In the first stage, the naturalized Jews do not rush to settle in Romania, but they care to buy all the important real estate assets in the country (apartments, houses, land, commercial and industrial buildings, etc.) which are available. For several years already, the real estate market in Romania is the monopoly of a few Jewish companies.

3. In the beginning, only the old Jewish people will settle in Romania, under the excuse of spending the last years of their life in this country and, for many naïve Romanians, the idea of the “return” of Jewish people will be a nice and tempting one.

4. After this stage, when a million Jews will have Romanian citizenship along with one or two more citizenships and the Jewish control over Romanian institutions will be total, the Jews will return “home”, in their properties, and it will be no legal ground to stop them to become an ethnic minority superposed over the entire Romanian society and the so-called “rule-of-law state” will consider the Jewish invasion as perfectly legal.

5. Thus, we will return to the situation of 1939, when about two million Jews represented the most numerous and the richest ethnic minority in Romania which had the control of finances, commerce and industry of Romania. The dishonest modalities used by most of the Jews to come to this status of a well-to-do class, made the rest of inhabitants of the country to dislike them.

6. The final goal of the project Israel in Romania is to establish a total control over Romania and to dispossess the Romanian people of their national territory. Benefitting of their experience in Palestine, the Jewish leaders have adopted a different strategy for Romania, a much more subtle and ingenious one, but, in fact, having the same goal: the usurpation of the rights that Romanians have in their country and over its territory.

We figure that blackmail was the way by which our politicians and the most important leaders in mass media were forced to become partners to this anti-Romanian project, so disgraceful and irresponsible, which makes us, the Romanian people, to face the greatest danger in our entire history.

We are entitled to believe the goal of overthrowing the political regime in December of 1989 was to prepare the proper conditions to implement this plan, criminal under all aspects.

This scenario is consistent with most events that took place in Romania after 1990 and it fits all socio-economic phenomena that we are wittnessing from that moment until now. These phenomena are as follows:

1. depopulation of Romania by:

a. migration abroad of several millions of unemployed Romanians. These people are forced not to return to Romania by absurd laws and measures adopted by the government.

b. encouraging the young people to emigrate from Romania due to lack of jobs and opportunities because our politicians are not concerned at all with their future.

c. discouraging the family and natality. It is obvious that the target is the Romanian majority.

d. the collapse of medical care system, especially medical assistance for children.

e. the spread of poverty by unemployment and inflation.

f. anti-Romanian and anti-national propaganda disseminated by all mass media having as goal the discouraging and deprecating of our national pride, our national self-esteem and our belief in the future of Romanian people.

2. the so-called democratization of Romania and the so-called political pluralism implemented after 1990 brought us a true monopoly of a few political parties, all originating from the group of conspirators who organized the so-called Revolution of December, 1989. There is no coincidence the fact that the leaders of the coup d’état and of all the events that followed were Ion Iliescu (Jewish grandfather and Jewish wife), Silviu Brucan (a Jew), Petre Roman (a Jew) and the other two presidents are hiding their Jewish ancestry.

3. the so-called privatization had drastically diminished the economic potential of Romania by destroying and alienating her economy. This privatization was not to benefit the nation, but it was done to benefit some foreign companies and most of them are owned, in fact, by Jews.

4. the acusation of holocaust brought upon Romanians. Intensely sustained by the media, it has a clear intention to inoculate a feeling of guilt in the mind of Romanians, a national guilt toward the Jews that will make the Romanian people to accept the immigration of hundreds of thousands of Jews as a chance to pay them back for the mistakes of the past, the crimes done by our parents. These crimes are only invented by Jewish strategists, but, in fact, they were never perpetrated by the Romanian people.

Sadly, we should emphasize also the fact that this scenario, so apocalyptic for Romanian people, is known and accepted by the most important Governments of the world, by the European Union and NATO for 15 years. All the International bodies accept and tolerate for Romania to be governed by a gang of individuals who are cynical, corrupted, guilty of huge embezzelments, traitors of our national interests, or even common criminals. All these people are easy to blackmail and control by those who know their crimes. For years our politicians are to the orders of those who elaborated this plan of de-Romanization and distruction of Romania. This plan which is fully developing now, will soon come to a point when it could not be stopped anymore to reach its dreadful goal and to create catastrophic effects.

The Romanians who always believed in the good intentions of the West are again betrayed by the Western democratic Governments. A sad proof of this attitude toward our country took place, at the referendum in October, 2003, when Romanian people clearly rejected the new Constitution, but it was validated by the Government and approved by the Parliament and the other politicians. Unfortunately, the Western Governments did not say anything and the protests of Romanian people to the Western Governments and institutions were also in vain.

We strongly emphasize that this Constitution which will make possible the invasion of the Jews in Romania, did not receive the vote of the Romanian people and for this reason, Romanians have the right to deny, at any moment, anything that took place as a consequence of this referendum of fraud, including the right to deny the Romanian citizenship to the Jews who received it after 1990.

Moreover, it is well-known now that the so-called “anti-Communist Revolution” of December, 1989, was a coup d’état of anti-Romanian, anti-national and anti-democratic nature conceived and implemented by the KGB and Western secret services. Again, this gives us, the Romanian people, the right to reverse any effect of this counter-revolution of December, 1989, if we will consider that it will bring prejudices to the sovereignity of our nation and to our rights of property to our national territory and wealth.

We tell to the entire world that the project Israel in Romania is not a new idea at all, but it is one of the first scenarios imagined by world’s Jewry strategists in the middle of 19th century, for the future state of the Jewish people. That project, called by the historians “The Cremieux-Peixotto Plan”, envisioned the territory of Romania and the province of Galicia to become the future Jewish state. As we know, today, the events in Palestine contradict the forecasts of those who founded the state of Israel, in 1948. It is possible that, for this reason, the Jewish leaders are looking for an alternate solution and perhaps, a complementary one to the present state of Israel. The new strategy they have conceived is much more elaborated and insidious in the same time, comparing to the one applied in Palestine and it intends to annihilate the capability of Romanian people to fight back in an efficient manner against this dirty, degrading and cowardly agression. The Jewish agression is based on the criminal complicity of Romanian politicians, including the three presidents who were elected after 1990, on the betrayal of the journalists and public figures, especially of the newspapers directors and mass media owners.

We tell to these traitors to bear in mind that they still have the possibility to do the right thing by revealing the modalities by which they were forced to act against their own people and to repair the damages brought upon their country and to regain their human dignity.

This acusation of betrayal of the country, we bring also upon the Jewish Community’s leaders of Romania who shamelessly continue to say that their community has only 6-7000 members and it is about to become extinct. In this way, they are guilty of complicity to this dirty and cowardly agression against Romania. We are expecting the Jews of Romania, all those who disagree and do not support the incriminate plan, those who perceive the consequences of it, to take a public stand.

We warn the International Community on the fact that the plan Israel in Romania puts the Romanian people in the situation of self-defense and gives to any Romanian the right to take a defensive and punishing position toward the invaders and their complices.

Our call addressed to the International Community, it is also addressed to the decent Jews worldwide, those Jews who live and think as all the other people and have respect for the history and traditions of all nations in the world, in the cult of human dignity.

We hope that all those responsible, persons and institutions alike, will use all the means necessary to convince world’s Jewish leaders to understand that it is in their own interest to have a rational and responsible behaviour and not to deceive themselves again with doomed strategies, prejudicial to everyone and degrading to the Jews.

The responsibility for everything will happen lies entirely with those who conceived the project Israel in Romania and those who collaborate in one way or the other to the development of this plan. May God forgive them !

The Vatra Românească Union

The League for Fighting Anti-Romanianism LICAR